BlueJeans brings dynamic, live video collaboration and instant connectivity to retailers, helping engage customers, manage inventory quality, and connect with supply chains across the globe. Here are a few examples of how BlueJeans is delivering premium video conferencing solutions to the retailer industry.

BlueJeans Enriches the Customer Experience

In the COVID era, 64% of customers used a new customer service channel in 2020, and 73% plan to keep using it. For many retailers, incorporating video conferencing into their customer support strategy is a top priority. BlueJeans Meetings’ secure and interactive video conferencing solutions improve the customer experience as a new way to triage remote customer inquiries from both online and in-store locations.

In addition to behavior changes regarding in-person interactions, more brands are hosting virtual and/or hybrid events to reach and engage with their customers. BlueJeans Events gives retailers the ability to stream interactive digital experiences where customers can learn about new products and industry trends. These digital experiences also allow retailers to reach larger audiences, while ensuring attendee safety, reducing travel time and event expenses, and providing detailed analytics on attendee engagement.

BlueJeans Improves Quality Control

In a global economy, inventory management is critical to scaling successfully. BlueJeans has partnered with Glass Enterprise Edition II from Google to arm warehouse associates with hands-free capabilities to visually document inventory, improve output quality, and file claims as needed.

BlueJeans Mobile App also helps retailers remain productive on the move by giving customers and merchandising teams the ability to review in-store experiences and store layouts via virtual walkthroughs without traveling to each retail location.

Retailers Experience Global Connectivity using BlueJeans.

BlueJeans connects global supply chains though its robust network and multi-national points-of-presence, including the exclusive China Premium Access, to ensure high-quality video calling.  Additionally, the platform increases productivity and engagement in international meetings by offering simultaneous interpretation features and automated closed-captioning translations in over 70 languages to connect audiences worldwide.

Retailers can quickly scale their global workforces by hosting engaging virtual training sessions using BlueJeans corporate training and remote learning tools. Customers like GrubHub have experienced the BlueJeans difference stating, “As our employee base has grown, BlueJeans has been ready with a great solution—from facilitating small team meetings, to working with customers around the country, to supporting company-wide events,” said Van Richardson, Director of Technical Operations.

BlueJeans provides a modern, efficient, and secure solution to retailers to collaborate on any device, anywhere. Retailers looking to incorporate BlueJeans into their business can learn more at