Ah, the meeting. It’s the time when things get done and decided. But it’s also the time when something unexpected can happen to your usual meeting and turn it into something special.


How many times have you been in a meeting and something crazy has happened? Something that was hilarious or embarrassing- like someone who thought they were on mute or shared their screen with some very personal windows open? I bet you wish you had that moment recorded on video!


How about a time when a meeting saved the day? At Blue Jeans, our goal is to make meetings easier and more productive through video. Can you think of a time when you were able to virtually meet members of your team from across the globe? Or maybe a time when you needed to wait for the repairman but was still able to collaborate with your team by working from home?


To celebrate the release of the Blue Jeans new video recording feature, we’re running a special contest by giving you a chance to record and submit your favorite (and maybe not so favorite) meeting moments.


Whether you want to share something funny that happened during a meeting, or share how Blue Jeans made you a meeting hero- we want to see it! The best videos will win some pretty sweet prizes. Check out the contest details here.

So go ahead, press the red button and record away!