Our customers are the heart of BlueJeans. Always wanting a positive experience for our customers, the customer support team consistently goes above and beyond in order gain the perspective of our customers and to resolve issues.
Which is why we are so excited to share that BlueJeans Meetings was recently recognized as leading the pack (by far) for customer support with a 9.3 out of 10 by TrustRadius 2021!
TrustRadius Customer Support Recognition
This recognition is exciting and reinforces our strong commitment to helping our customers find success with all of their communication and collaboration efforts.
This is not the first time our BlueJeans technical and customer support teams have been rewarded for providing a service of excellence, they also won a Stevie Award of Customer Service Team of the Year - Computer Services & Software. This outstanding achievement allowed our support team—and everyone at BlueJeans—to really recognize the importance of their hard work and dedication to helping people!
To drill down what makes this team so successful, I sat down with Chitra Rajasekar, the Associate Director of Support to hear more about the team’s secret sauce. Here’s what she had to say:ChitraRajasekar
Q: What is your role and what do you do?
CR: I have been in the software industry for over 20 years. I started out as an engineer and moved into the support domain 8 years ago. I’ve been lucky to grow into a leadership position at BlueJeans and thoroughly enjoy helping our customers with their product challenges. As the Associate Director of Support, I manage the Tier1, Tier 2 Support and the TAM organization for BlueJeans.
Q: What does the team do?
CR: The Customer Support team provides multi-channel support to all BlueJeans customers. We have multiple tiers: Tier 1 is the first line of defense, and Tier 2 and Technical Account Managers (TAMs) handle escalations. TAMs also proactively support their accounts.
Q: How do you ensure customer service goes above and beyond?
CR: Our service is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. For the team to do their best work, we enable them with product knowledge, current issues, and insights into the roadmap. We encourage the team to educate the customer and show them what all BlueJeans has to offer. This allows the customer to better utilize our service.
We also measure statistics like First Call Resolution (FCR) and Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). The quality of the cases resolved is constantly monitored at the Tier 1 level. We are working on a sentiment analysis in the upcoming quarter to understand the sentiment of the customer and get leadership involved if a customer is not satisfied.
Q: What do you consider the key characteristics of good customer service?
CR: For any customer service professional, empathy is critical to ensure the customer feels heard and understood.
I value a strong work ethic, initiative to take ownership, and a willingness to do whatever it takes and continuously be learning.
Q: What has been a challenge for the support team?
CR: COVID threw a lot of curve balls at us. We had to adapt quickly to the increased workload. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the exceptional support of the entire team.
Service stability and reliability is critical. Our service being solid given the challenges in the last year has helped support. 
As we look to address the most pressing needs for today’s workforce in a shifting climate, our product roadmap changes frequently. As the support team, it’s our job to stay looped into these changes. The more we can articulate what’s new or on the horizon in real-time discussions with customers, the better we can work to address and resolve any issues they may be experiencing.
Q: What are some strategies that you have implemented?
CR: For our front end teams, regularly recognizing the top performers has proven to work well. 

Additionally, we introduced a concept where members of our Tier 2 team can become “Subject Matter Experts” (SMEs). This has led to enhanced technical skills and troubleshooting ability, and allows our team to regularly collaborate with the Product and Engineering teams. The SMEs also have the task of training the Tier 1 team. SMEs also help with any questions in a collaborative/swarming support model utilizing slack channels to resolve issues without escalation. Less than 2% of our cases get escalated.

Q: How has BlueJeans shifted to a more proactive style? What have been some of the key initiatives?
CR: BlueJeans as a company has always been very data focused. We do our best to understand and analyze the data we collect from every BlueJeans call.
Our team of Technical Account Managers work very closely with our high-touch customers to monitor their accounts for any issues, trends in usage etc. A healthy network connection is crucial for video conferencing and our team has been very successful in proactively identifying issues in customer network connections and alerting them. Our customers rely on us, and work in partnership with us, to detect and address issues.
We are currently working on an initiative with an AI/ML tool that can help us with proactive alerting on meeting & usage stats, network stats. Our goal is to be able to eventually predict churn. 
Q: What are you most proud of?
CR: Even though we measure Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) as a transactional metric for support, seeing it being validated by an external agency like TrustRadius makes me proud. It is a great testament to the team that we have built here.
We are lucky to have such a dedicated Customer Support team here at BlueJeans. If you’re interested in finding out more about our customer support team, check out the BlueJeans support website. Additionally, stay up to date with our customer stories, where you can find testimonies from customers and their experiences.