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Recapping Microsoft Ignite 2018

What a week of activity it was for BlueJeans at Microsoft Ignite! From announcements and booth demos to partner sessions and parties galore, this year’s conference taking place in Orlando did not disappoint.

Kicking things off on Monday, September 24th, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella enlightened and inspired attendees by talking about the power of digital technology, the importance of partnerships, and the promises Microsoft and its partner network are making to improve the quality of customer engagements. Most impactful though was his closing argument focused on how technology should be used to create “more equity for more people across the globe.” 

Microsoft Ignite Keynote 2018

What does he mean by this? Zeroing in on artificial intelligence (AI), Nadella spoke about the potential to use technology to help with humanitarian efforts worldwide with his Technology for Good program. The idea is to enable nonprofits to do more good by providing free or discounted software or hardware and cash grants to improve disaster response rates, promote human rights, and offer better medical care food distribution where and when needed. In a time when technology companies are getting a lot of bad publicity around their use of data, it’s great to hear that Microsoft is focused on applying technology in a way that will provide the greatest positive impact for humanity. 

Next up were the technology and innovation keynotes, with the Teams portion impressing us all with an interpretive dance meant to symbolize the power of teamwork. BlueJeans veteran and Microsoft 365 Collaboration GM Lori Wright entered the stage to talk about modern teamwork and how Microsoft and partners are transforming collaboration and communication for customers—which happens to be precisely what BlueJeans is doing for Microsoft Teams!

It was two years ago at the Ignite conference in Atlanta that we first started talking to our friends at Microsoft about how we might be able to help users access Microsoft Teams—the chat-based hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365—anywhere, on any room system. Last year, Microsoft formalized this partnership by announcing BlueJeans as a video interop partner for Teams.

After a lot of hard work on both ends, at this year’s conference, we were excited to be able to announce the general availability of BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams—the cloud video interop for Microsoft Teams. As a cloud-native provider, BlueJeans makes video communications remarkably easy for Microsoft customers by providing a gateway that connects to existing conference room systems to ensure a seamless instant Teams experience.

BlueJeans Team at Microsoft Ignite

Didn’t get a chance to stop by the BlueJeans booth to hear about our Microsoft partnership at Ignite? Head here to learn more about how BlueJeans and Microsoft are working together to boost productivity. As for the conference, here were a few personal highlights:

  • Networking – It’s always great to connect with friends old and new, and the Microsoft Ignite Conference is a perfect place to catch up, strengthen relationships, and hear about all that’s happening in our growing industry. 
  • Innovation – The partner community is vast, and we were so impressed by all the great innovation coming out of it. From virtual reality to machine learning to the Internet of Things (IoT), the show floor was chock full of next-level product innovations and jaw-dropping demos.  

  • Education – We were pleased to be included in three separate sessions at this year’s event. In case you missed them, check out "Intelligent meetings in Microsoft Teams" (BRK2188), "Connecting MS Teams to third-party meeting room devices with Cloud Video Interop" (BRK3122) and “Meetings best practices in Microsoft Teams” (THR2241).  

At BlueJeans, we’re focused on helping IT and business leaders make their teams happier and more constructive, and this conference showed us we’re doing something right. Thanks for all the positive shout-outs, customer testimonials, and excitement for what’s to come. We had a blast and are already looking forward to next year’s event! 

Learn more about the BlueJeans partnership with Microsoft.