It's a new year. This means new resolutions and hurdles to face head on. Just as few people could have foreseen the political, economic and natural events that affected the world in 2018, the next 12 months will bring with it more unexpected challenges and opportunities. Businesses must be able to adapt to the new uncertainties or risk drowning underneath them.

With so much innovation happening in the market, it's an exciting time to work in technology—and BlueJeans, the meetings platform for the modern workplace, is at the heart of it all. For example, video meetings are increasingly being used across the organization to provide 'air cover' for everything from product development to sales calls, recruitment and staffing flexibility. By allowing global teams to meet productively, wherever members are located, we're opening new doors to the way we work and live as a society.

Touching on this notion, yesterday BlueJeans CEO Quentin Gallivan published a piece on LinkedIn that delves into what the video collaboration industry will see this year.

As he points out, with the continued changing political landscape, businesses will continue to be impacted by changing policies, trade agreements and regulation. Fortunately, video communications and collaboration technologies give companies added resilience, agility and flexibility to adapt in a fast-paced and changing world.

Here’s a snapshot of the trends in video communications that our fearless leader expects will dominate in 2019:

Pop-up culture extends to meetings - Video conferencing technology is adapting to this “pop-up” trend, making it easy for anyone to hold a secure, impromptu session with remote workers and business partners. Expect more huddle spaces to integrate video in 2019.

Video will give employers the hiring edge - Savvy HR teams have already established best practices for video recruitment. More HR departments in 2019 will start demanding high-quality audio/video communications from IT that guarantees a seamless experience and a great first impression.

Millennial and Gen Z dominance will make video the norm - Each new generation is more video-savvy than the last preferring this mode of communication over voice. In response, companies are setting IT strategies that integrate video into enterprise communications and collaboration. Expect more companies to adopt video communications as the status quo.

AI will drive smart meeting productivity - As competition heats up in the video space in 2019, expect to see a lot more AI-enabled technologies, including captioning and augmented and virtual reality.

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