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Promoting a Pathway to Success: BlueJeans Customers Share Their Stories

Meetings platforms are designed to enable more effective communication while helping businesses be agile, increase efficiency, and achieve higher productivity—all at a faster pace. When used correctly, there is no denying that meetings platforms are useful for interacting with colleagues, customers, and partners, and that they help us do our best work.

And while there are dozens of meetings platforms available on the market, only a few meet all the needs of organizations. As the leader in video, audio, and web conferencing, BlueJeans helps organizations around the world be more productive and cost-efficient. But don’t take our word for it.

We recently surveyed our customers to shed some light on the challenges they faced prior to adopting BlueJeans, why they chose BlueJeans over competitors, and how we've helped them achieve their goals since implementation.

For years, we’ve talked about how easy BlueJeans is to use and how it provides a superior conferencing platform with its HD video capabilities. Last year, we upped the ante by adding Dolby Voice audio, making every meeting an even better experience. And while we can spout the benefits, nothing demonstrates them better than insights directly from our customers. By surveying our users, we found that IT leaders consistently choose BlueJeans as the platform for their workplace because of the ease of use, quality of the service, consistent experience, and ability to interoperate with other devices and tools, among other factors.

Why customers choose BlueJeans

Users overwhelmingly chose BlueJeans due to its ease of use, a key factor when IT leaders are tasked with rolling out a meetings platform to hundreds or thousands of end users. In fact, Jeff Chamberlin from Wurth Wood stated, “BlueJeans has truly added benefit to all aspects of our business operations. From an IT perspective, BlueJeans is self-sustaining, requires little to no support, and the users are avidly booking and conducting their meetings from all types of devices.”

And that isn’t all. Leading organizations are continuing to choose BlueJeans because of our integration capabilities, superior Command Center analytics, and the support they receive with onboarding and adoption. But don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself in our new ebook Promoting a Pathway to Success: How BlueJeans Helps Organizations Do Their Best Work. All of the findings are laid out for you in easy to read graphics, with quotes directly from our customers. Take a look to see how BlueJeans compares to the competition, and why you should consider it for your meetings today.

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