BlueJeans at UC EXPO 2018

The modern worker is attending more meetings than ever before, yet making meetings useful is becoming increasingly more difficult. Tens of billions of dollars are wasted each year in the United States alone, while the United Kingdom has been in a productivity funk for the past decade. How can we turn this around? How can those struggling with ineffective meeting formats get the most out of their time at work?

UC EXPO is an event that helps companies solve these problems through unified communications. Throughout the two day conference, leaders in the space discuss the technologies that enable smarter collaboration and a truly connected business, leaving consumers with the tools they need to make technology decisions for their workforce. At UCEXPO 2018, BlueJeans was in attendance to speak about how collaborative audio and video technology is changing the workplace for the better.

With collaboration as the major topic and emerging technologies attracting lots of attention, it quickly became clear that the modern workforce wants a streamlined, easy-to-use platform that works in multiple scenarios—not multiple tools that overlap. While meeting face-to-face is often preferred, it is not always possible with employees spread across the globe and flexible working become the norm for companies of all sizes. The next best thing is a platform that allows face-to-face interaction to be as seamless as possible, reflecting the ease of an in-person conversation.

The benefits of this system became clear to those who attended When Less is More, the session where BTG, a medical technology and pharmaceuticals company, spoke about the difference BlueJeans made in their business. Prior to implementing the platform, BTG had a workplace reliant on multiple forms of communication—email, instant messaging, text messages, and others. However, with BlueJeans, BTG was able to standardize its complex environment, not by forcing a change in platforms but by taking advantage of the many integrations BlueJeans has with Slack, Polycom, Skype, Workplace, and more. With 1,600 employees now working more effectively, the company can be more productive and improve its bottom line.

It is this focus on meetings—not specifically video conferencing—that is the future of the industry. As more companies look to implement tools that will increase productivity, BlueJeans is poised to provide the meetings platform for the modern workplace, and a more successful workforce in the process.

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