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The Power of One-Touch

People need to meet. Meetings are where work gets done and where problems get solved. Whether it is in a room enabled with video conferencing, via an audio bridge, or through instant message, employees must rely on historically complex technology to facilitate these communications with both colleagues and external stakeholders.

Traditionally, the primary complaint about joining a meeting via a video application or conference room system is that it’s much too complicated to start the meeting on time. As people run into a meeting, they are often concerned about how to join. In many cases, there is a placard on the conference room table with multiple steps detailing how to join and at the end, a phone number to bring in the IT Help Desk. Unfortunately, the IT Help Desk tends to get the call.

Even for those users who are able to figure out the system themselves, concerns tend to arise. Common questions include:

  • What number do I need to dial to access the meeting?
  • How do I turn on all the equipment and make sure my computer is hooked up?
  • Do I have the right meeting number and password?
  • Should I introduce myself when I join, or wait for someone to ask?

Too much time has been wasted figuring out how to join the call and who is already in the meeting. Thankfully, that kind of anxiety is a thing of the past with one-touch join.

One-touch gets you what you want—a place in the meeting. With BlueJeans Rooms, just one tap on the conference room system touch panel starts the meeting instantly. No IVR to dial into, no conference ID number to remember, no ambiguity of joining a meeting—video, audio, and web conferencing is all accessible with the touch of a button. Joining the meeting via one-touch is not only helpful for the end user; it also makes life easier for IT personnel who were traditionally required to be present in the room to help set up the meeting and supervise its use. With BlueJeans, IT no longer has to spend time making sure that things run smoothly, and when there is a problem, they can diagnose it remotely via Command Center.

To make meetings even easier for users, one-touch join capabilities are not confined to the conference room. With BlueJeans Meetings, users can use one-touch join on both the mobile and desktop applications to be brought directly into the meeting—no passcode required. Simply click one of the upcoming meetings listed when opening the app to get started.

The days of scrambling for IP addresses and memorizing access code to conference rooms are over. One-touch join is not a luxury; it’s high on user wish lists for workplace meetings technology and collaboration services. The faster and easier it is to use, the more people will use it.

Discover how easy one-touch join is with a free trial of BlueJeans.