Lori Spicer Robinson is on a mission to get others to subscribe to joy. “Joy is our essential service in the darkest of times, it’s our resistance in the fight against injustice, and it’s our fuel to seize the possibilities that lie ahead,” she says.

As the Chief Joy Maker for Wundher, a new digital and in-the-flesh (ITF) platform designed to encourage women to find their joy, Spicer Robinson believes that focusing on having a ‘joy perspective’ can help people remain intentional in choosing positive outcomes for their life.

To help arm people with the necessary tools that will enable them to find their joy, she’s kicking off JOYMAKER 2020 on Saturday, June 6—an online event aimed at creating and spreading positivity—and the event will be livestreamed using BlueJeans Events.

Furthmore, our CMO John Knightly will be participating alongside Verizon’s Managing Partner Candace Morgan in the panel “Connection – The Power of Reconnecting.”

Moderated by Amy Stack, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Integrated Strategy and Solutions, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the panel will focus on the power of reconnection, the tools that help sustain our bonds, and why our professional and personal relationships are worth the work.

We sat down with Lori this week to hear more about the JOYMAKER conference and her organization Wundher. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What led you to creating Wundher? JOYMAKER?

LSR: I have always been fueled by pulling women together to fortify one another and empower change. Several years ago, when I was expecting my first son, I started a group called Wundher Moms to learn more about my upcoming journey. It was an informal supper club of diverse mothers with small children who sat around a table sharing their lived experiences of motherhood and wifedom, over dinner and cocktails. The group was so enamored by genuine connections that had formed over the five years that they suggested creating a larger space for multiethnic and multigenerational women and mothers, which challenged me to create a company. Wundher was established to help women and mothers live a life of joy by design rather than chance. It’s so easy for women to lose their identity in their work. I personally got a glimpse of this myself and used that experience to step out and create Wundher, a digital media and experiential company to empower women and mothers to put themselves first and live out joy more intentionally.

Joymaker was also created to fill an intentionality gap and reframe our thinking. So many people around me were mentally suffering that I wanted to find a way to restore our minds and find the joy in our circumstances. COVID-19 exposed our lives to gratitude, love, and connection in ways we had previously ignored. The virtual summit stemmed from the intent to assemble thought leaders who would use fuel to empower us in our personal and professional lives.

Q: What is fempowerment?

LSR: Fempowerment is the simple act of women empowering women and fueling each other to show as their best selves. The societal misnomer is that women don’t support each other and Wundher is here to restore fempowerment in all our tribes.

Q: How will JOYMAKER 2020 restore our ability to make joy?

LSR: Each of the speakers for Joymaker 2020 were selected based on their professional or civic prowess. The culmination of their energy and thought leadership will provide tangible examples of how we can excel despite our circumstances, both personally and professionally.

Q: What are you most excited for with JOYMAKER 2020?

LSR: The opportunity to shine a light on such a dark time brings me great joy and excitement. Our communities, our country, our world is in so much despair and unrest that I can’t wait to offer a little glimmer of hope - filled with joy rather than misery, with love rather than hate, and with action rather than reaction.

Q: Advice for women looking to rise in business?

LSR: Don’t take your work-life alignment for granted and find those willing to invest in the future version of you. Companies need employees to enjoy work and when women can find joy in their work, the results are abundant. Women have to spend some time seeking clarity on what brings them joy and what’s their life design - purpose, passion, preference. Once that is identified, you can create a path to ascension. Identify “levers,” individuals you can model after and/or who will mentor, sponsor or coach you up. This process is one of vulnerability and not typically linear, but worth it.

Q: How can technology help with improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

LSR: Technology has the ability to be “heard or seen” in a way that direct human interaction can sometimes limit. We are emotional beings and our physical presence can be off-putting for some and keep us from penetrating each other in ways where we can be understood. But our access to technology removes some of those barriers, giving us the ability to be more vulnerable, an opportunity for increased access to one another, and building foundations for understanding our similarities and differences. Workplaces literally have the power to shape, learn from, and connect with individuals of all backgrounds, races and ethnicities; it’s just a matter of strategically leveraging this resource. As a former D&I leader, I have seen technology bridge gaps, unearth micro and macro aggressions, heighten exposure and foster the healing we need in our offices, communities, and our world.

We’re proud that we can provide a platform for fostering engagement and inspiration on a large scale that goes beyond physical boundaries, and we’re excited to partner with Wundher in support of this great cause!

To hear more about this inspiring collective of motivators spreading their message of joy and gratitude in the age of COVID-19, visit the Wundher site today!