The latest update to the BlueJeans app on Android devices includes several upgrades. Some of the most notable ones include Picture-in-Picture and Gallery Scroll.

While in a meeting on an android device and need to multi-task on your device, simply exit the app without ending the meeting. This will automatically shrink your meeting to PiP mode and will still be running with audio and video. Access your notes, email, or anything else you need while still in the meeting and seeing everything that is going on. If you need to re-enter quickly, simply tap the meeting window and that becomes the primary app again. 

While in a large meeting while on your mobile device you can now swipe through the gallery to see all participants. While holding the phone in portrait mode you can swipe left or right to see all participants.

As the future of work keeps evolving, so do we. Take your meetings with you anywhere you go with BlueJeans by Verizon mobile app.