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Peer-to-Peer Streaming Shares Attendee Bandwidth, Improves Events Experience

A friction-free attendee experience is vitally important for corporate presentations like town halls, all-hands, and internal announcements. To address bandwidth limitations within local area networks, BlueJeans has developed several solutions that guarantee end users the best content signal possible.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming is our newest innovation for large-scale video events. It decentralizes data exchanges and leverages multiple sources for high-quality streaming. By utilizing the computing power of multiple viewers, P2P offloads LAN congestion and optimizes content delivery by using distributed traffic from the internal network.

Or, more simply put: Peer-to-peer is designed to improve event quality by intelligently sourcing content from a mesh network of devices watching the same live stream. This ensures that everyone in the local area network receives a flawless experience.

This bandwidth management option is easily enabled by our support team if a customer requests the service, totally free of charge. P2P is one of three bandwidth optimization solutions offered by BlueJeans. Learn more about our caching engine, BlueJeans Accelerator, and Low Bandwidth Mode below. 

BlueJeans Accelerator
BlueJeans Accelerator is a caching engine that minimizes network stress while maximizing video resolution. By consolidating multiple video streams into a single stream from the BlueJeans cloud, Accelerator improves the viewing experience and prevents network bottlenecks.

Broadcasting live video to hundreds or even thousands of attendees during town hall events can result in poor video quality if not enough bandwidth is available. To address this problem, BlueJeans Accelerator was developed to reduce video pixelation and buffering by at least 15%. All streaming video requests are internalized from the viewers’ endpoints to Accelerator, instead of multiple requests from viewers’ endpoints to the BlueJeans cloud. This provides the best possible event experience and high-quality live video for all attendees.

BlueJeans Accelerator is a software that can be installed within your local network’s virtual machines. Up to 300 endpoints are supported for every deployment, however multiple Accelerator nodes are also supported in a single location for increased capacity.

Low Bandwidth Mode
Part of BlueJeans’ graceful degradation product experience, low bandwidth mode was created so that attendees only receive the audio and content streams if viewing within poor network conditions. If joining the event with low connectivity, or if bandwidth strength drops during a presentation, low bandwidth mode automatically eliminates the video feed while the content and audio are still sent to participants. This way, no one misses any important talking points throughout the live stream.