Millennials are no longer the only ones that love to use video… companies are also transforming their cultures and using video in a variety of capacities. Video conferencing is no longer meant specifically for the traditional one-on-one meeting. Companies all over the world are using video for all-hands events, for webinars, and even for company parties!

As the Senior Field Marketing Specialist at BlueJeans, one of my main responsibilities is to plan, promote, and moderate BlueJeans webinars for our customers and prospects. And while I may be just a little biased, BlueJeans Events is an excellent tool to leverage for large virtual events like these. How do I know? Because I’ve used the platform hundreds of times to conduct events, and each time has been a resounding success. Read on for a recap of some of my favorite features.

Controlled Registration and Follow-Up

When preparing for a webinar, there are several aspects I need to consider, since each event varies depending on the audience. One of the most important is the ability to monitor the people joining the webinar. With BlueJeans Events, you can set up parameters to manage registration, which helps to prevent an Internet troll (or your main competitor!) from hopping in and causing havoc.

Additional registration features include the ability to send reminder emails prior to the event, both the day before and thirty minutes before it starts. Plus, after the event is over, the registration feature allows me to quickly see the list of who attended the event, making it easy to cater follow-up messages both to those who were able to attend live and those who need the recording to view later.

Easy Content Sharing

Because of the type of events we host, our virtual events tool must have capabilities for both presenters and the audience to use the platform to engage with the content. BlueJeans Events allows presenters (and moderators) to share content easily, ensuring that no one spends five minutes trying to share their screen.

The moderators can also change the content and speaker orientations on the screen so the viewer can see both presentations and speaker in the way that makes the most sense for the event.

Two Types of Chat

Most webinar platforms have a chat option so audience members can get their questions answered. However, it can be incredibly distracting to have that chat option taken over by technical questions. BlueJeans Events has fixed this issue with two types of chat—a Q&A Chat for event content and a Moderator Chat for technical issues.

While the Q&A Chat allows participants to ask public questions about the content of the webinar, the Moderator Chat allows attendees to post private questions such as, “Will this webinar be recorded?” or “How can I purchase BlueJeans Events for my company?” By separating the two types of chat, viewers have a personalized experience during the webinar and get their questions answered from the appropriate person.

Raise Hand Feature

My favorite feature of BlueJeans Events is the ability for the audience members to raise their hand to virtually ask questions. With this feature, audience members can raise their hand, be promoted into the event by the moderator, and ask a question live over video.

With this functionality, remote viewers can fully engage in the webinar—something that other tools simply do not offer. And when using BlueJeans Events for all-hands meetings, moderators can use their feature to allow employees to ask questions of the leadership team, enhancing company culture and promoting the feeling of togetherness.

Using BlueJeans Events

Event management isn’t easy, and it requires tons of work and dedication. However, using the right tool can make your event a success every single time, relieving some of the stress and ensuring that the event does what it’s intended to do—whether that’s bringing in thousands of leads for the marketing team or allowing every single employee to view the quarterly report from the leadership team. BlueJeans was founded to bring people together for stronger collaboration over video, and BlueJeans Events enables you to have that human connection, every time you speak with your customers, your prospects, and your coworkers.

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