Virtual Team Building Guide


Virtual teams and remote working are all the new trends. According to (SHRM) Society for Human Resource Management, nearly half of the organizations polled, 46% use virtual teams. Online team building has become a valuable tool for managers of remote teams as new issues with virtual teams have arisen. It's simple to see why this type of flexible job is becoming more popular. Having a virtual workspace can help you recruit top talents by allowing them to work from anywhere, including their homes. While also lowering office costs and increasing productivity.

Why is virtual team building so important?

Online team building comprises activities that foster genuine connections among team members, leaving everyone satisfied. So, why should a company invest in online team-building activities to bridge the gap and bring their remote staff together?

Enhances collaboration
In online teams, communication gaps are prevalent. Regularly connecting with and unwinding with online team members helps to improve connections. When relationships between online teams are strong, they are better able to interact and resolve issues.

Battles feelings of isolation
Loneliness is a deadly emotion that will inevitably creep in. It is perhaps the most noticeable disadvantage of working online. It can lead to disengagement and poor job performance. An excellent online team-building activity restores the personal connection and assists individuals in becoming a cohesive unit.
Promotes productivity
It might be challenging to keep online team builders active five days a week.  Online team-building activities can help employees work together more successfully and develop practical team skills. As a result, this promotes productivity within the team.

Boosts collaboration
Collaboration in the workplace occurs when groups of people work together to achieve a common objective.  Meaningful collaboration is simply teamwork taken to a higher level, something online teams can lack. As a result, an excellent team-building session encourages team members to collaborate more effectively to achieve big, bold goals.

Increases morale in the team
High team morale and motivation can go a long way toward forming efficient online teams, as they positively impact work and efficiency.  High morale can be more challenging to maintain in online teams, especially when there are numerous external disruptions and stress from uncertainty and rapid change. After a friendly competition, fun and successful online team-building activities can help teams calm their anxieties and temporarily forget about the stress, boosting team spirit.

The best virtual team events
Many of these activities and exercises may be carried out by recording them and uploading them to a workspace channel where everyone can see them. However, if you can get your entire staff on a group video call, that's the ideal situation. Eighty-seven percent of remote workers feel connected through the use of video conferencing, according to research. So, if you have the chance to incorporate video into your team-building activities and icebreaker games, take advantage of it! 

Here are the best virtual team events:

Virtual Escape Room
It is an online live-action adventure game that lasts 60 minutes. It immerses participants in a real-life escape game in which they must work together to solve a series of progressively tricky puzzles in a race against the clock. As your team unravels hidden clues and solves mind-boggling tasks together, it will create more teamwork, innovative problem-solving, and brainstorming.

Virtual Murder Mystery
It's an online team-building activity that any size group can take part in. Using case files, clues, and reasoning, your team will work together to solve a mystery. Their problem-solving abilities, communication, and analytical thinking are reinforced as they explore clues and play detective. For the entire team, this is a fun and thrilling virtual team-building activity.

Virtual Team Pursuit
It's an online team-building activity for remote teams that anyone may join from anywhere on the globe. Your online team members will perform a series of mental, skill, and physical tasks in groups, receiving points for each one completed successfully. Participating in the activities will improve your communication skills and discover your coworkers' hidden talents.

Final thoughts
Online team builders can also build a sense of community, but it will take more effort on the employer's behalf. Encouraging online team building is a good option because isolated individuals may not know where to turn for professional advice. While teams can work from anywhere, practical online team-building activities can encourage various desirable behaviors.  Visit BlueJeans and learn more about online team building and why it is vital.

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