Hybrid Worker

Let’s just be honest . . .  The old paradigms of work and office are gone and what has emerged is the next generation of hybrid workers. In short, the hybrid workplace model is here to stay, and there’s no going back. 

Now, make sure your technology and culture are ready. That means seamless, secure technology — in the office and remotely — that dissolves the distance between people. And it means a culture that supports this new paradigm. 

Despite all of its challenges and tragedies, the COVID-19 pandemic unveiled what’s possible with work. Much of the global workforce moved to remote work all but overnight. And despite fears to the contrary, we proved that we can be more productive than ever before.  

The key to an organization’s success will be in adopting a hybrid workplace model moving forward and supplying the tools to keep hybrid workers connected during every phase of their workday. 

BlueJeans Virtual Workspace is a full-scale collaboration platform designed for hybrid workers. Here’s your chance to build a more purposeful next-generation office. Here’s how it’s done.

Immersive Virtual Office Allows Spontaneous Collaboration

Hybrid Work space

Visual presence indicators and a host of communication options make it easy for you to hang with your team in 2D, or you can customize your 3D avatar and go all in.

Secure Meetings to Boost Productivity

Hybrid Secure Workspace

BlueJeans Meetings now features the ability to host up to 1,000 attendees per meeting and provides meeting hosts with the ability to create breakout sessions to better facilitate collaborative meetings. 

Unleash Creativity With a Collaboration Board

Collaboration Board

BlueJeans Collaboration Board allows you to bring your team’s ideas, thoughts and content together. Hybrid workers now have an integrated, infinite canvas that is just a click away.

Message+ Makes Collaboration Easy

This fully featured messaging tool allows hybrid workers to share messages, files, or emojis in a group chat or one-on-one directly from your virtual meeting or office. The result = Collaboration Made Easy.  

A recent Gallup study paints a vivid picture of the future of hybrid work and the unique dynamics of the hybrid workplace model. 

Hybrid Working

Failing to offer flexible work arrangements, such as a hybrid workplace model, is a significant risk to an organization's hiring, employee engagement, performance, wellbeing and retention strategies.

BlueJeans Virtual Workspace allows hybrid workers get the most out of their day while ensuring they feel connected to coworkers and the organization. 

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