Today, we’re excited to announce Simultaneous Interpretation for BlueJeans Events to enhance our customers’ ability to host secure and interactive virtual events in many different languages across the globe.

BlueJeans Events now supports up to 5 concurrent language channels for delivering simultaneous and/or relay interpretation, which is ideal for conferences, webinars, government sessions, press conferences, and other events with multilingual audiences.

Unlike consecutive translation, where the main speaker pauses and the translator interprets the previously spoken content, simultaneous translation keeps the event flow undisturbed, while expanding attendee accessibly around the world.

BlueJeans Events also eliminates the need for onsite translators and reduces event travel expenses. In addition, organizers can hire and use native language interpreters from across the globe to ensure high- quality translations for attendees and improve the overall event experience.

Simultaneous Interpretation is easy to use with no additional equipment or hardware required beyond a computer. Event interpreters receive a specific invitation that allows them to set their incoming and outgoing languages and calibrate their volume and audio mix. They simply listen to the main event speaker through the Events platform and translate the content in real-time by speaking into their microphone. When joining an event, attendees can select their language through the interpretation button on the left side of the player window, allowing them to hear the language translation at a louder volume than the main speaker. This real-time interpretation allows for chat, questions, and other interactions to occur during the event at the same time as those listening to the main event speaker.

This live interpretation feature follows the launch of automated, closed-captioning translations in over 70 languages last quarter. We are excited to offer these multi-language features to our thousands of international and multilingual Events customers as global virtual events continue to accelerate in adoption and provide a gateway for a more inclusive experience for attendees across the world. 

For more information about BlueJeans Events, please visit our product page.