BlueJeans Events, a globally trusted live video streaming solution, is now available with brand new pricing and packaging for any size organization.
Our production-grade virtual event platform can be purchased starting from $83/month through our user-friendly eCommerce store. Host engaging presentations and connect with your customers through comprehensive moderator controls, video interactivity, and real-time audience participation features.
New Packaging
We’ve created new pricing plans to help organizations host streaming events of different sizes. 100, 200, or 500-attendee packages are available for monthly or annual purchase.
While BlueJeans Events has the scalability to reach up to 50,000 attendees, the most common audience size for marketing webinars fall between 100 and 500 attendees. Now, BlueJeans Video Webinar 100 is available for $83 per host per month, while BlueJeans Video Webinar 500 is available for $499 per host per month. All plans include our feature-rich content delivery platform designed to capture and retain audience attention:
  • Maximum Webinar duration is 2 Hours
  • No download, browser-based attendee experience
  • Attendee engagement: Chat, Raise Hand, Q&A, & Live Polling
  • Attendee registration workflow & reporting
  • Moderator Dashboard delivers controls in a single pane
  • Widescale live streaming via Facebook Live
  • Integrated Dolby Voice audio
  • Intermission & Pause Broadcast Feature
  • Automated Closed Captioning
  • Backstage 'green room' for Presenters and Moderators
  • Lobby waiting area for attendees
Voice of the ECommerce Customer
Beginning in June 2020, European-based marketing agency, Cognito Ltd., began using BlueJeans Events for their clients’ product webinars. Owner and co-founder of Cognito, Vesselin Velev says the experience with BlueJeans has been seamless. “Compared to our previous solution, BlueJeans has been a breath of fresh air. From the moment we bought online, the product has been intuitive and very user friendly. Webinars are easy to schedule, moderate, and we have more audience engagement then we have ever had before. We see BlueJeans Events as a critical tool in our sales and marketing playbook going forward.”
It’s time to replace your worn-out webinars — visit the BlueJeans store to get a premium solution and start hosting high-impact events today!