At New Paths Counseling, psychotherapist Sean Travis believes in the innate strength and resilience of every person as a pathway to personal recovery. It’s an approach that forms the organization’s core philosophy. Known as opus cum sui or “working with the self,” the principle recognizes each individual as the expert in their own life.

To ensure it can deliver its approach effectively, the New Jersey–based mental health practice has embraced BlueJeans video conferencing as it carries out collaborative virtual sessions for clients.

Fostering Meaningful Connections

Sean established his private practice in 2019 while working at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, specifically at Penn Medicine. Preferring to interact with patients face to face, he ran all therapy sessions in person.

But when the pandemic restricted face-to-face interactions, Sean had to find a new solution that would allow him to continue seeing patients.

“I explored new ways to connect and adapt, especially during such a time of heightened uncertainty for my clients and everyone else,” he says. “Although I preferred meeting patients in person, I realized that virtual therapy can still foster meaningful connections, even if the experience is different.”

Sean turned to BlueJeans Meetings to provide secure and comfortable virtual psychotherapy sessions for his patients at New Paths.

“Having used BlueJeans Meetings while working as a Clinical Supervisor at Penn Medicine, I was confident in choosing it for my private practice. Security features like enterprise-grade encryption and locked meetings help ensure my practice is compliant with the HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act],” he says.

“My positive experience with the platform’s reliable connection, and high-quality audio and video made it the obvious choice for my virtual sessions.”

Better Outcomes Through a Client-centered Approach

According to Sean, integrating BlueJeans Meetings into his practice’s approach has proven to be a crucial step, transforming the way he connects with clients.

“Virtual therapy is just as effective as conducting sessions in person,” he shares. “The platform enables flexibility in scheduling and rescheduling patients throughout the week, which has greatly enhanced the patient experience.”

Importantly, having a reliable conferencing platform has helped Sean’s practice to continue to take a client-centered approach, where the psychotherapist collaborates with the client to better understand and meet their needs. Here, the client is viewed as having valuable insights into their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences, enabling them to recognize the genuine impact these factors can have on their mental health and well-being. This recognition can lead to a commitment to therapy and profoundly transform lives, creating long-lasting changes.

“The impact of virtual therapy on my patients has been remarkable,” says Sean. “I consistently see positive outcomes in individuals that equally impress me.”

Reduced Cost, Uninterrupted Service

Another significant advantage that BlueJeans Meetings brings to Sean’s practice is substantial cost savings, such as not having to rent a space for the therapy sessions. By implementing the solution, New Paths saves a minimum of US$25,000 a year compared to traditional in-person therapy sessions.

“The cost savings and convenience of virtual therapy have made a big difference in my practice,” says Sean. “I also find BlueJeans’ mobile app extremely valuable. It allows me to continue my sessions uninterrupted, even during power outages or when patients are on the go.”

Delivering Transformative Care

As New Paths looks to the future, it plans to continue harnessing technology to help it provide holistic and client-centered mental health care. BlueJeans Meetings has become an indispensable tool for the practice, empowering clients to attain wellness and cultivate personal growth.

“Our commitment to delivering exceptional care, along with the robust functionality of our BlueJeans platform, has set the foundation for our continued success,” says Sean.

“While the true impact of therapy on people’s lives may be immeasurable, I see it through the meaningful interactions I have with my patients. Thanks to BlueJeans, I can fulfill my commitment to helping people through therapy with an approach that doesn’t compromise the sanctity of the therapeutic environment.”

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