Yesterday, BlueJeans announced a new meetings platform designed to deliver a more consistent and reliable experience than any other video conferencing application in the industry. Built after reviewing thousands of user surveys, the new experience brings video, audio, and web conferencing together within an intuitive interface with a beautiful new design.

The new BlueJeans application is not simply a WebEx-like experience in the cloud. Instead, we challenged our product, UX, and engineering teams to truly deliver an innovative and intuitive re-design of our end user experience. This new application is not only a desktop update—it is a brand-new platform engineered to provide you with the optimal meeting experience.


The new experience is more user-friendly, with a 72% faster join time. With only one click required to join every meeting, and the "vanity check" available as soon as the app launches, users can join their meetings in seconds. The new application also features a much faster download and installation time, perfect for those first-time users needing to join a meeting quickly.

The new dashboard gives you instant access to your personal and scheduled meetings. And even before joining a meeting, you can easily select your devices and set your mute preferences so you can be confident and comfortable in joining the way you want.


The new BlueJeans app is focused on the end user, while maintaining the quality IT administrators require. With features available from both the home screen dashboard and the sidebar, the interface has been redesigned to be as clean as possible with the most important controls front and center.

The intuitive user experience means minimal training is required, as users can easily see how to change their settings, chat with participants, and share their screen. No more fumbling through multiple menus to find what you need—everything is available from one screen, making it easy and simple to focus on your meeting, and not on your meetings platform.


In addition to redesigning the application to make it faster and simpler, BlueJeans has implemented new features in order to truly delight our users. At our core, BlueJeans is still a video company, so the new application provides an immersive video experience by hiding controls when they are not in use and maintaining edge-to-edge video at all times. This feature ensures you have access to what is most important—your meeting and the people in it.

We are pleased to announce that Whiteboarding and Annotation are now available for macOS and will soon be available in Windows. These features allow presenters to sketch and collaborate in real-time and provide additional ways for participants to interact with content. The Whiteboard feature provides a blank canvas with drawing tools, while the Annotation feature will allow the presenter to draw on top of a screen that he or she is sharing.

New features like these, combined with the features you already love about BlueJeans—Dolby Voice, recording, moderator controls, single sign-on, and more—ensure that you have the delightful meeting experience you expect, every time you open your BlueJeans application.

Accessing the New BlueJeans

This new desktop experience solidifies BlueJeans as the meetings platform for the modern workplace, and we are excited to get it in the hands of our users. New users who download the trial or purchase the platform will automatically receive this updated version. Current users are being granted access in phases based upon enterprise needs and adoption. Please contact your account representative for additional details on when you can expect access to the new experience.

Here at BlueJeans, we are so excited for you to experience meetings the way they are meant to be—fast, simple, and delightful. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new interface, and the new BlueJeans. Our hope is that you find this application as innovative and as intuitive as we designed it to be.

Download a free trial of BlueJeans Meetings to experience the new application.