As many of us now work in hybrid environments, the role that virtual meetings play for organizations of all sizes cannot be understated. Whether your goal is driving interactivity, employee engagement, or simply creating the best possible meeting experience, BlueJeans continues to innovate and develop new capabilities on behalf of our customers.  

BlueJeans is pleased to announce updates to our new Collab Board experience that will streamline brainstorming sessions and a new native polling feature for BlueJeans Meetings to boost attendee participation and engagement.  

Empowering Creativity with the Collab Board:

Collab Board

Through new enhancements to the Collab Board, users now have access to a wider variety of formatting tools to better capture the creative thinking process. With additional shapes, cleaner drawing options, and improved grouping and alignment enhancements, Collab Board users have more control to create. Additionally, new templates provide quick access to predesigned boards that are populated with objects for common brainstorming activities, like SWOT analysis or creating pro vs. con lists.  

Board organization has also been made simpler with new filtering controls to quickly locate the boards you are seeking to utilize. These updates make Collab Board more intuitive than ever before, enabling each user to collaborate and create content that strengthens the creative process. 

To see these new Collab Board updates in action, click here

Boosting Interactivity with Polling:

Through multiple choice questions that include the option for single and multi-responses, both participants and meeting hosts have the option to facilitate audience interactivity and gain newfound insights. 


Seamlessly create a new poll within a meeting, before the meeting, or even choose from a repository of questions to ensure a seamless polling experience.

Poll responses can be viewed instantaneously, with data downloaded after your meeting for further analysis. 

BlueJeans is committed to the user experience, increasing collaboration, and providing a best-in-class video conferencing experience, with Polling and the Collab Board being just some of the many enhancements we continue to focus on.

Meetings are a daily part of our lives, and by employing these advanced collaboration tools at your disposal, the opportunity to have even more engaging and effective discussions is truly just a click away.

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