During our January 2021 update, we highlighted several new features that focused on enhancing participant engagement in BlueJeans Meetings. Today, we are excited to introduce a new set of capabilities that have been designed to improve the overall attendee experience for meetings with large groups of people.

With the majority of the world continuing to join meetings remotely, we have seen meeting sizes grow significantly. As a result, we have enhanced our toolkit to ensure that the premium BlueJeans experience remains consistent as more and more people join your meetings.

Double the Participant Capacity

BlueJeans is doubling the maximum number of participants that can join a meeting from 100 to 200 for all BlueJeans Enterprise customers. With double the fun, customers can now support twice as many participants in each and every meeting. With its rich set of features including, AI-driven Smart Meetings, participant reactions, and interactive tiles, BlueJeans delivers the broadest set of meeting productivity tools in the video conferencing market. And perhaps most importantly, as meeting sizes continue to rise, these features will be critical drivers of non-verbal engagement, which is one of the most meaningful indicators of a successful meeting experience.

Transparency Mode - Full Audio

BlueJeans has a long-standing integration with Dolby Voice to deliver state-of-the-art, high-fidelity audio with noise suppression to enhance users’ meeting experience. While our audio package is usually the perfect solution for your everyday meetings, there are definitely times where you don’t necessarily want to block out all of the “noise.” BlueJeans Meetings now includes the option to turn off background noise cancellation to enhance the user experience for use cases such as remote music lessons, large group celebrations, virtual concerts, telehealth visits, or simply when our audiophile clients want to use advanced gear with built-in noise suppression.

Enhanced Keyboard Noise Suppression

“Folks, whoever is typing, could they please mute their microphone?” – sound familiar? We have all been in meetings where we have requested team members to mute their audio to avoid listening to their noisy keyboard tapping. This can be very distracting in real-time, and cause people to lose focus and unfortunately this is way more likely to happen when you have more people in a meeting. Our latest Dolby Voice update introduces a new audio library for real-time keyboard noise suppression that automatically filters out typing sounds to ensure that the only thing the audience hears is the speaker’s crisp voice, and the focus remains on the discussion.

Increased Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions allow hosts to split meetings into smaller groups to foster discussion and learning. They are an incredibly powerful tool for when a larger audience needs to be divided up for more impactful conversations. BlueJeans has increased the number of supported breakout rooms per meeting from 20 up to 75 simultaneous breakout sessions. With an intuitive administrative workflow that makes it easy for hosts and attendees to get started, BlueJeans Meetings makes it simple to initiate and enjoy the breakout experience.

Android Background Blur

Background blur has been a very convenient feature for BlueJeans desktop users to be able to highlight themselves while blurring their backgrounds to limit distractions during a meeting. Users can now take this feature on the go with their Android devices, launching first on Samsung’s flagship devices (Galaxy S10 or later). Similar to the desktop experience, users can adjust the blur strength of their background based on personal preference. As meetings get more and more crowded, there is a higher likelihood that a cross-section of attendees will need to join from mobile, and they should have access to the same great features as their desktop-bound peers.

All of these great new features are focused on improving productivity and collaboration and helping to make large meetings more impactful, inclusive, and engaging. We hope you’ll love using them as much as we loved creating them.

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