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Employees Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments on Video

Man Embarrassed on Computer

We’ve all seen BBC Dad… the viral video where two daughters walk into the office where their dad is conducting an interview on live television. As they play in the background, their mother frantically tries to grab them and rush them out the door, all while trying not to be seen. Fortunately, people saw the humor in this situation but not all of us are so lucky.

When you spend most of your day in video meetings, things are bound to go wrong occasionally. We asked some of our customers about their most embarrassing moments on video, and they delivered.

“My dog jumped up and knocked my phone out of hand while in a meeting. All everyone could see was a horrible view of my laundry pile in my room and my feet!”
—Christine, Customer Service

"I was conducting a group coaching session for my membership site and was at my parent's house that day. They have a parrot.  The parrot "answered the phone" and participated in conversations the entire time. So, if there was a beep, it would beep.  If there was a 'hello', he'd follow up with a 'hello, how are you' and kept up with whatever was being said."
—Claudia, Business Coach

“During one of our monthly international meetings, one of the meeting participants shared his screen by mistake. It was his profile on one of the dating websites. It took him awhile before he stopped his screen share. It was too late.”
—Tony, Technology Analyst

“This was some time ago and we were training some new employees on their first day, with some of us in the room and one of the trainers running a session remotely. I had noticed that one new girl had been slipping down in her seat and becoming distracted, flicking the cap of her pen on her teeth. Suddenly the pen cap went flying into the middle of the room. At this point, the trainer on video calmly said, "Do you want to pick that up?" The girl suddenly sat bolt upright and went bright red. She had forgotten that it was a video conference and thought she was in a recording... She very quickly retrieved the pen cap and was completely attentive for the rest of the session.”
—John, IT Specialist

“Many years ago, when my boss was snoring on the headsets when we were doing AV for a National Sales Meeting.  The client did not invite us to bid the next year for some reason.”
—Gary, Digital Strategist

“I was on a video call with someone that was working from home. Their cat came into view in the background and started licking himself. I was so distracted and had to try so hard to keep a straight face! I finally couldn't hold it back and had to make a comment about his cat and apologize for laughing!"
—Kaitlyn, Systems Administrator

“I was talking to a student about her class and we thought we had muted her computer, but the microphone was live. She felt so bad because she was telling me how boring she thought the class was, while her professor was on the call. Oops!"
—Liz, Network Specialist

“I was running the audio and video for a large event and showed the audience on the large screen. I didn’t realize it but the person I chose to show was sleeping during the CEO’s presentation.”
—George, IT Technician

Have you had an embarrassing moment on video? Share it with us in the comments!