Two years ago, the founders of Blue Jeans envisioned that the way people meet and work would change dramatically with the globalization of a mobile workforce and the expansion of technology to enable every kind of device. And we have heard some terrific stories from our users - from sign language application to virtual wine tastings.

We wanted to go beyond the anecdotes, so we decided to study broad trends in the way people work and meet. We were amazed to see how much travel is already being saved, and the many ways folks already join meetings.

In our research, we’ve gathered some pretty cool stats. We looked at who is showing up late to meetings and it turns out that there is a correlation between being late and being busy. This is true for founders of companies, women, and even geography.

We are fascinated by the meeting perspective and wanted to build a profile based on the kinds of technology meetings are likely to involve. Here's how we counted: if a meeting had two people, one connecting from a laptop and one from an iphone, we tallied that as 100% laptop and 100% mobile device. Once you sprinkle in the range of devices and many more participants, the picture gets more complicated, of course.

How are you making the most of your meetings? Are you going mobile, international, or maybe both?  We promise not to tell anyone that you’re a 0.3 participant…

Want to learn more? Read the press release and check out the infographic here!