As we look forward and plan for Q1 and the year ahead, we decided to revisit the State of the Modern Meeting to look at collaboration trends and how video technology is reshaping how we meet. What did we find out?

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of people feel that face-to-face communications improves relationships, so much so that nearly three quarters of people believe they lost a deal due to the lack of face-to-face interaction. That’s a pretty staggering number!

The burgeoning need for video conferencing to increase and improve productivity couldn’t be more apparent; and it’s great that WebRTC advancements which support browser access enable more people to meet from wherever they are. The shift has been unmistakable, with 90% of Blue Jeans desktop and laptop users opting to join meetings via a browser instead of proprietary systems.

Some other cool facts we found out:  

  • New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles lead the pack in the most mobile meetings
  • Women attend 14% more meetings than men
  • 2.1 billion miles and $1.3 billion saved due to video conferencing

Read the press release and check out the infographic to learn more.