Mobility is fast becoming a part of our everyday lives. In a single device like an iPhone or tablet, you can carry your music, Skype with relatives across the country, and have access to any portal through a wonderful thing called the Internet. This is not news to any of us, but at Blue Jeans, we’ve strived to implement that thinking into our product. If everything is mobile – shouldn’t the business meeting have the same capability?

With the proliferation of video-enabled mobile devices and the BYOD movement, there shouldn’t be any reason that the meeting can’t be mobile. In fact, in our inaugural State of the Modern Meeting infographic, we found that 30% of meeting participants join a meeting via a mobile device, and with the pace of technology, that number is sure to increase.

But apart from mobility being a nice-to-have, why is it important? Mobility allows for anyone on any device to join with whatever is available to them in that moment. That kind of flexibility is powerful and can enable more meetings (and even ad hoc meetings) to occur because you don’t have technology-specific barriers. If the technology is simple, easy to use, and can be accessed from anywhere- people would be mobile in a minute. In short, if you build it, they will come. Just check out this guy who built his own mobile solution.

Countless reports tout how video conferencing reduces the need for business travel. Alternatively, for those who do have to travel, mobile video is a great way to collaborate with your colleagues while you’re on the go. “Video conferencing makes it possible to stay better connected and engaged with their colleagues back home, rather than becoming a second class citizen on the dark end of a phone line,” says Stu Aaron, our chief commercial officer at Blue Jeans. 

Collaboration shouldn’t be limited to complex technology. And by harnessing the power of mobility, the meeting shouldn’t be confined to four walls either.