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BlueJeans Helps Drive Microsoft Teams Adoption

Microsoft Teams recently reached the impressive milestone of being used by more than 500,000 organizations across the globe. Teams was already the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history, and now it is reaching a whole other level of adoption! 

This incredible growth is a testament to the benefits that organizations are expecting to achieve by consolidating a handful of different collaboration tools and moving to the singular Teams solution. Microsoft Teams aggregates different components of collaborative work in a shared workspace where users can chat, have video calls, and share files.

There is no doubt that moving to Teams has become a top consideration for nearly every enterprise CIO and IT team. Organizations want to ensure they have a comprehensive plan of action to accelerate Teams adoption, while making sure end users find the solution easy to use.  A large part of this effort involves making sure that existing conference room infrastructure— standards-based rooms systems—can be used for Microsoft Teams Meetings.

BlueJeans is one of three Microsoft partners that provides a Teams Gateway to connect standards-based H.323 and SIP rooms with Microsoft Teams meetings. The unique cloud-native infrastructure of the BlueJeans Gateway easily turns rooms with existing hardware into Teams Meetings rooms in a matter of hours. Organizations do not have to worry about ripping and replacing their existing Room investments—whether that be Cisco, Poly or Lifesize—in order to be able to super-charge their rooms to hold Teams Meetings.

Additionally, the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams enables IT teams to simply push out updates to the Teams-enabled room systems and allows users to access our intuitive one-touch join feature so that they can just walk into the room and kick off a Teams meeting without any hassle. Users can also host different types of meetings—a Teams Meeting or a BlueJeans Meeting—using the same hardware endpoint.

BlueJeans is committed to helping our customers adopt the optimal solution to achieve their productivity goals. Whether this is accomplished through delivering the world’s most advanced hardware interoperability capabilities or through our native app integrations via the BlueJeans App Network, we are here to help our users find the best way to collaborate.

Want to know more? Check out this demo video of the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams. You can also watch this webinar with experts from Microsoft and BlueJeans to learn about all of the cool new features in Teams, Teams adoption best practices, and how Microsoft and BlueJeans together can help drive productivity in your organization.