BlueJeans Micro Events

In this article, you’ll learn:

·      What are micro events? 
·      Why host micro events for your business 
·      Reasons to consider micro events 

When it comes to planning events for business, you don’t always have to go big. While large scale virtual events, hybrid events, and webinars can connect thousands of attendees worldwide, sometimes it’s the little things – in this case, micro events – that can deliver a big impact for your audience.
As the name implies, micro events are smaller in scale than your typical business events. Yet attendees enjoy a more personalized and meaningful experience. It’s for this reason many in the enterprise are pivoting to these modest experiences – and why you may want to consider joining the movement.

What are micro events?

Micro events are small scale events that can take place online or in person. Micro events are sometimes hosted alongside a larger event to offer in-depth, focused content; or, they can be positioned as an alternative to large scale events.</p>

Why host micro events for your business

Hosting micro events gives your organization a chance to do something different and exciting. While the concept of micro experiences may not be entirely new, the ways in which you can use them have expanded over time.
Here are a few reasons to consider micro events:
1.     Reach a highly targeted audience. With content that is more focused and granular, micro events naturally attract a particular audience. That’s good news for companies that want to target their events to attendees with specific needs, behaviors, or preferences.
2.     Increase the value of the experience. Since your event reaches a more qualified audience, the value of the experience increases in kind. Attendees get more from what’s being presented by interacting with and responding to the discussion in real time, rather than being passive viewers.
3.     Make the most of attendees’ time. Micro events typically run shorter than large scale events, which can be an attractive selling point for attendees. A one-hour commitment is less daunting when schedules are packed and time is tight.
4.     Deliver a cost-effective alternative. Due to their nature, these small-scale events can be a great option for a modest budget. If you host them as a virtual event, you have an even more affordable plan for your business.
5.     Get creative with event content. The shorter duration and targeted audience of this event type enable you to get creative. Consider the value of a themed lunch and learn, an interactive workshop, or an immersive event for your group.
6.     Be flexible with the experience. Whether your business is planning an in-person event, virtual event, or hybrid experience serving both on-site and online audiences, micro events work well in any of these formats. The content can complement a larger overall strategy or be positioned as a standalone superstar.
7.     Capture industry buzz or critical insights. When there’s a hot topic or important news in your industry, a small-scale event that you can launch and set up quickly is key to gaining traction, audience attention, and authority for your business.

Try Hosting a Micro Event

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