As you head into 2012, most of you would have made your resolutions for the new year.  There are some resolutions that find themselves at the top of the most-popular resolutions list, year after year. Here are a few of those, and how Blue Jeans Network can help you fulfill them.

1. Spend more time with family
In this difficult economic period in our history, we’re driving farther to work and spending more time at work. If you are not telecommuting already, now is the time to spend less time getting to work. For this mobile workforce, conducting video meetings with colleagues and clients makes for a more productive work day when compared to audio calls.

2. Reduce ecological footprint
Whether we believe in climate change or not, it is true that reducing our ecological footprint makes the earth a better place for our children to live in. American business travelers log 240 billion passenger miles per year. The freedom to participate in meetings via video conferencing liberates the business traveler from needing to travel to attend a meeting, thereby reducing their footprint without compromising on their productivity.

3. Reconnect with friends
Through advances such as video cameras in most mobile computing devices, technology has helped us connect with our friends and share our lives with them. However, connecting to people across social networks or software clients still is a significant challenge. The video world of today is divided starkly among islands that do not talk to each other, networks that do not or cannot see each other. A bridge that connects these islands together would make it radically easier to stay in touch with friends.

4. Make better use of time at work
Many meetings involving the use of technology start late because of the difficulty in using the devices that facilitate the meeting. Inter-company calls often need IT intervention prior to the meeting to solve firewall-related issues. Productivity at work gets hampered by technology in these scenarios because the products are not designed with ease-of-use in mind. An easy-to-use video bridge that companies can call into from their networks would alleviate a lot of these issues and enable employees to make better use of their time at work.

5. Save money on gas/travel
Travel budgets and mileage reimbursements are being rethought across the world in these tough economic times. But the stark reality is that face-to-face meetings are more productive and produce more actionable results when compared to audio calls. Making the best out of every dollar means spending it wisely in making meetings most productive.


Choosing a video bridge such as Blue Jeans Network allows you to schedule meetings on our secure, scalable, global network and reach your teams across the world, while resting assured that our wide range of interoperability allows them to join the meeting using systems as diverse as Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg and LifeSize, and software clients such as Skype, Google Talk and Microsoft Lync. With one service, you could attend meetings from home on Skype, drive into work while staying connected on your phone, and walk into a conference room with a room system and complete your call. Sign up for a free-trial today and check off on your New Year Resolutions!