Five months ago, we announced the ability to connect Lync endpoints together into video conferences along with Skype users and with room based conferencing and TelePresence systems like Cisco and Polycom through the Blue Jeans cloud.   No one else can do all of this today. 

Since that announcement we’ve been overwhelmed by customer interest.  It is obvious that many enterprises have Lync migration in their roadmap for 2012-2013, as they look to upgrade their OCS deployment and move towards Lync on-premise, or move to the cloud and use Lync Online via Office 365. While both of these solutions provide excellent peer-to-peer presence and calling functionality without expensive hardware solutions, Blue Jeans adds tremendous value for secure, scalable, multiparty, interoperable video conferencing.

Being a cloud-based service allows us to provide near instantaneous and affordable deployment to a customer, rather than waiting for quotes for different hardware equipment that lets them connect from their Lync desktop clients to room-based videoconferencing endpoints. We are finding an increasing number of small businesses adopting Lync Online via Office 365 and purchasing our service to get a great cloud-hosted combination of a desktop UC client + a virtual MCU.

This interoperability provides a great way for Lync enterprises to call clients and contractors that are remote and are not Lync users as well. With Blue Jeans, the enterprise now has the option of having them call via Google Video Chat or Skype, if they do not have a H323-based room system.

Calling into a cloud service such as ours, also adds value to the Lync enterprise from a federation perspective. Instead of needing to federate with every client, partner or customer to be able to place calls, with one federation to Blue Jeans the enterprise can now connect with a long list of federated Blue Jeans partners as well as have the flexibility for their callers to join via clients other than Lync as well. This enables enterprises using Lync to have fruitful B2B video calling with no investment in hardware infrastructure or domain federation.

Another unique feature that our service provides today is the ability to share content from room systems or Skype into Lync, something that is not possible today without expensive hardware equipment. We are hard at work in having content sharing enabled from Lync to other devices as well and this should be announced in the coming months as well.

Gone are the days when Windows Messenger was synonymous with IM and chat and video conferencing was synonymous with million dollar TelePresence rooms. Today, starting a video call is as easy as calling into our bridge and sharing a link with anyone with a video-enabled device to connect with the client of their choice. No firewalls to configure, no VC personnel to test your connection 24 hours prior to the call, and no challenging remotes to overcome to start the meeting.

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