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Long Live the Web (RTC)

In 2010, Wired Magazine published the now infamous “The Web is Dead” cover story, which suggested that it was time to “kiss your browser goodbye,” and that native Desktop Apps will rule the net.

But as we see today, that prediction's not entirely been true. With the help of Google, the browser has kept its role as the favorite destination for online apps.

When BlueJeans was founded, its mission was to make video conferencing accessible and easy to use. Those who followed us early on know that to achieve that easy-to-use goal, we came out with the first truly flexible video solution to be used across a variety of apps and hardwares, and shortly thereafter, we added a browser option to the mix. Within a few months, the browser took off and became the favorite join option, even to this day. True to our mission, we did not stop there.

Then we rolled out an update to our browser app that makes it easier than ever to start BlueJeans meetings. Using WebRTC technology, users will be able to join meetings in Chrome without having to download and install a plug-in. Just click the link, allow BlueJeans to use your camera and microphone, and you’ll be good to go! 

Moving forward, our plan is not to force our users to choose one option over the other. Users who value the quick and frictionless access will be able to join meetings with the browser app. For the frequent users who need a feature rich desktop application, we offer the BlueJeans App. This way we provide maximum flexibility to our desktop users.

We are constantly innovating and proud of what we are building, shaping the way our customers collaborate, globally.