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London Waterloo Disruption: Keeping Your Workforce Connected

Waterloo Train Station

Commuters at Waterloo station are facing up to 4 weeks of travel chaos due to engineering works, and many employees are enduring hours of delays, opting for longer commute routes, or are even taking annual leave to accommodate the change.

The TUC reported that more than 3.7m workers now commute for over two hours a day, and events such as those at Waterloo add yet more stress and pressure to the average commuter’s daily journey. This quickly trickles down to the business level, with employers seeing productivity levels dwindle and workplace enthusiasm disappear.

This is why now is the time for businesses to invest in flexible working alternatives to create a happy workforce in the month of August, and beyond. But what can be done to keep commuters happy? Below we reveal how implementing a video conferencing platform can benefit businesses and employees.

Provide Flexibility

It’s no secret that commuting is hard and leads to issues such as stress, illness, and lack of motivation. Businesses need to remember that without an engaged workforce, their company will suffer over the long term and customers will quickly be exposed to unhelpful members of staff, which will lead to poor brand reputation and competitors gaining an advantage.

It is time that businesses equip staff with the live video technology they need to work flexibly and avoid the commuting chaos. With 41 percent of employees valuing flexible working above all other aspects in their workplace, greater flexibility will quickly lead to a happier and more productive workplace.

Stay In The Loop

In the past, businesses have worried that flexible working could lead to disengaged employees and reduced productivity. Thanks to live video technology, however, working remotely is now just as effective as working in the office. With smartphones, integrated applications, and cloud-based document storing, employees working remotely are at no disadvantage. In fact, 50 percent of respondents in recent BlueJeans research argued that less time traveling resulted in a more productive work and better work-life balance. Live video communication also has the power to increase face-to-face communication and interaction with customers and prospects so that employees can continue to build strong relationships regardless of whether they’re in the office, at a coffee shop, or at home.

Meeting Demand

There is a clear appetite amongst the workforce to work remotely; in fact, recent research shows that 86 percent of employers experience demand for flexible working. As the business world globalizes and demand for seamless collaboration grows, the technology businesses choose to implement will also shift. The need for tools like video meeting technology that remove geographical boundaries and which help retain staff by allowing them to work flexibly will be crucial in the new age workplace.

One misconception about remote work is that it hinders collaboration. In reality, 70 percent of employees find that live video will save valuable work time and help engagement. Thanks to advances in technology, live video is now just the same as meeting face-to-face, and when combined with cloud-based document sharing tools, there really isn’t any difference to working within an office.

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