live video conferencing

Once upon a time, the traditional conference call involving various stakeholders (and awkward silences) was the norm. Thankfully, that type of conference call has now been rendered obsolete. Live video has taken its crown—and it’s not giving it back.

Previous posts have talked many times about the benefits of live video—from fostering better teamwork to increasing productivity and reducing budgets—and how it is revolutionizing meetings in the workplace. In fact, BlueJeans’ latest research identified that 85% of employees (across all age groups) say that video is now a part of their everyday lives. Not only is its popularity on the increase, but live video is helping to enable increased collaboration and flexible working, which is what 41% of employees are valuing above all other aspects in the workplace.

While remote working often increases productivity, today’s employees must adapt their habits to make sure it is conducive to productive work. Enter mobile. With smartphone sales expected to grow by 58% globally in the next five years, working—and the ability to conduct meetings—on the go is now more possible than ever before. With solutions like the BlueJeans for Mobile for both iOS and Android, individuals can now take their meetings from wherever they have a data signal.

Samsung is just one of the companies that is pushing to make mobile more productive and to change the way its customers use their mobile devices. That’s why Samsung has partnered with BlueJeans to seamlessly bring live video to the Samsung DeX docking station via the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note8 and S8+.

Mok Oh, Vice President of Business Development at Samsung, explains the company’s partnership decision, and how they plan to empower the business individual: “BlueJeans’ commitment to providing seamless video meeting experiences is the primary reason we selected the company as a development partner. We want customers to be free to use their mobile devices in ever-more productive ways. BlueJeans helps them do that.”

This shift toward making live video accessible for mobile users to conduct meetings on the go is a key part of our plans to make video meetings simple, seamless and a central part of everyday work. A few of the benefits of combining live video and mobile via BlueJeans for Mobile include: 

  1. It allows you to get moving. In the traditional meeting, employees must sit down and be crowded around a phone, or stuck at their desks.  With new studies highlighting that sitting all day isn’t good for you (at all), live video is a way to make a change. Working via mobile allows you to take meetings and speak with colleagues on the move—whether at home, on public transit, at a coffee shop, or even at the gym.
  2. It makes you more productive. With train delays and day-long motorway closures seemingly a regular occurrence, employees unable to get to work on time can result in many hours of lost productivity. New research has found that 54% of employees say that flexible working makes them more productive, and the lack of travel, combined with the ability to speak to customers and colleagues in any location with live video, is key for employees, particularly those in remote locations. Think about how much you could get done without your hour-long commute twice a day.
  3. Everyone can be a collaborator. Nearly a third of employees have said that one benefit of using live video is increased collaboration. With live video allowing employees to work and meet (almost) face-to-face wherever they are in the world, entire teams have the ability to work with their colleagues, whether they live in the next town over or on the other side of the globe.

Check out the BlueJeans video offerings and take your next call from home