Live Streaming Trends

Live streaming video is the real, raw, unedited connection your audience craves. It engages them, brings them closer to your brand or organization, and ignites the relationships you have with your fans, followers, customers, and community. If you want to make the most of these experiences, try one (or all) of these live streaming trends for 2022.
The 5 Key Trends for Live Streaming in 2022
If you’re short on time but still want to know what’s popular in live streaming for the 2022 season, here are the main highlights:
1.   Live Streaming Shopping 
2.   Second Screen Experiences 
3.   Live Stream Videos Built around Community 
4.   Live Streaming Live Music 
5.   Live Stream for Hybrid Events 
1.     Live Streaming Shopping and conference, sporting event, concert or product launch, your audience wants to feel engaged. With live stream ecommerce, you can move beyond traditional viewing to an interactive shopping experience your audience will love.
Nordstrom offers live shopping experiences on its website, like this one that immersed viewers in live music and shoppable content (including a luxe unboxing of holiday gifts and premium stocking stuffers): 

Live Streaming Shopping

Live stream shopping isn’t reserved for retail; this streaming trend can be enjoyed by brands and organizations in all industries, from education to sports to technology. Best of all, you can live stream your events to your website, YouTube Live, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Amazon Live – so you can expand your reach to anywhere your audience spends time.
2.     Second Screen Experiences
There is a trend in live streaming right now called the second screen experience, which essentially gives audiences bonus content that complements and supports the main event. For example, when the Phoenix Suns wanted to engage fans during the 2020 NBA season, when fans weren’t allowed to be in the arena due to Covid-19, they created a second screen fan experience with live contests, exclusive interviews, and real-time participation. Double bonus: It created promotional opportunities for the Suns and their partner brands as well. 
3.     Live Stream Videos Built around Community
In 2022, we will see the theme of community running through live streams. As the creator economy gains steam, brands and businesses will need to focus on building and sustaining their communities in order to keep audiences engaged and tuned in over time. One way to do this is to regularly ask viewers questions during live streams, such as what types of content they want to see or what they like best about the current content. Features like chat, Q&A, and polling can make building your community fun and insightful – constantly helping you improve the viewer experience.

4.     Live Streaming Live Music 
As fewer people tune in to traditional radio stations, more people are enjoying an alternative: live streaming live music. Frequently viewed (or also heard, in this case) on platforms like YouTube and even Twitch, live music in streaming format is taking hold. If you happen to be in the entertainment industry, then live streaming your DJ sets or concerts is the way to go. 

Live Streaming Music

5.     Live Stream for Hybrid Events 
We have all seen the massive changes in the event landscape over the past few years, moving from in-person to all online (or just flat out canceled) and now to hybrid events. The truth is, some attendees liked the live streaming versions better, and they prefer them to the expenses involved with traditional conferences, expos, and large-scale meetings. If you want to satisfy all your participants’ needs and wants, try live streaming all or some parts of your event. You can even consider adding a second screen experience like we discussed above. 
Try these Live Streaming Trends for Yourself
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