Maximizing Your Virtual Events: Live Stream vs Pre-Recorded Video

Live streaming and pre-recorded video both offer advantages for virtual events, and deciding which option is best for you will depend on the needs of your event. Live streaming creates rich experiences that allow real-time connection with audiences. Pre-recorded content can also be extremely engaging, customizing your presentation with visuals and tailored content that is pre-planned.

No matter which route you take, BlueJeans’ platform enables seamless transitions between pre-recorded content and live streaming so that any combination of the two options can be easily used. This makes it simple to deliver intriguing virtual events that captivate your audience while maximizing engagement with quality content.

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is an amazing way to connect from anywhere around the world. We can gain access to resources and speakers which wouldn't be available in person, providing many educational opportunities for the expansion of knowledge and connections that may otherwise be inaccessible.

Virtual events include live streams as well as pre-recorded videos, making the possibilities almost endless. Even activities that are typically seen as examples of entertainment, such as concerts or game shows, can be held virtually - showcasing the impressive capabilities of this current digital world and allowing us to actively lean into it.

What is the Difference between Live Streaming vs Pre-Recorded Video?

Understanding the difference between live streaming vs pre-recorded video can be essential for organizations looking to effectively communicate through media.

Live streaming allows for an interactive and genuine experience, with viewers often able to comment in real-time and engage directly with the host. On the other hand, pre-recorded content offers more control of the video or audio's final quality and gives viewers the opportunity to watch at any time they choose. Pre-recording also lets organizations craft a message that is on brand and follow specific calls to action from start to finish.

Whether it's live streaming or pre-recording, both have their unique advantages that organizations should consider when crafting engaging media for their audiences.

Live Streaming Advantages

Live streaming offers many advantages that can help optimize your virtual event.

  • It’s affordable compared to pre-recorded content because you don’t have to worry about costly video production or editing time.
  • It can provide greater interaction between viewers and hosts by allowing them to engage in real-time via questions, polls, and social media comments.
  • Live streaming allows for immediate viewing instead of waiting on post-production video edits like with pre-recorded content.
  • When done correctly, it can help increase engagement with viewers due to its spontaneity and overall more interactive nature compared to pre-recorded content.

Pre-Recorded Content Advantages

Pre-recorded content also has its advantages that may suit some virtual events better than live streaming.

  • One of the main benefits is the ability to retake sections or scenes if necessary during filming or post-production - something not possible when live streaming events.
  • Viewers tend to be impressed by high-quality production value which is often only achieved through pre-recording sessions and editing afterward if needed.
  • Brands have more flexibility when it comes to appealing to different time zones since they can choose when their videos are released rather than having them go live at a certain point in time like with live streaming options.
  • Content creators have scheduling flexibility since they don’t need to plan around a specific timeline but rather release the video on their own schedule whenever it fits the brand strategy best - something not possible with live streams where viewers expect an immediate start time in most cases.

Going Forward

While it may be tempting to assume that, due to their virtual nature, virtual events struggle to capture the same energy and spirit associated with traditional in-person events, this doesn't have to be true. In fact, virtual events can be just as engaging when they take advantage of the multitude of creative formats available for content presentation. Ultimately, how much time and money you'll invest in pre-producing materials versus having presenters perform live should inform your decision.


When considering what type of content works best for your virtual event, consider both live streaming and pre-recorded options carefully before making your decision based on what suits your needs best. BlueJeans provides a comprehensive platform that allows you to access both types of content in one place along with lots of integrations that make creating successful virtual events easier than ever before.

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