We’re about to turn the page on April and that means school’s almost out! Thousands of students, families, and friends plan to celebrate the graduating class of 2020 in May and June as the academic year comes to a close. Although shelter-in-place rules dominate the social landscape, BlueJeans wants to help you stage your commencement virtually with our large-scale event solution.
Learn how to broadcast your schoolwide ceremony with interactive video streaming in any browser, enabling multiple on-camera speakers for an unforgettable graduation experience.
All-University and Department Events
Depending on the size of your institution, schools may host a single commencement for all students, department-specific ceremonies, or both. These are often dictated by student body size and the level of attention each graduating member receives as they “walk across the stage.” Whatever your format, BlueJeans Events can accommodate real-time participation and presentation flexibility for the entire school, as well as families and friends in attendance.
Up to 50,000 attendees can join via any browser with an easily shared URL link. This removes travel challenges and logistics when parents and relatives want to watch the ceremony but cannot logistically or financially visit campus. In-person restrictions remain in place as of the date of this post, so the alternative virtual solution allows graduate supporters to attend from the safety of their homes. Additionally, our Facebook Live integration can easily be set up by admins to reach even larger audiences or you can embed the event HTML code into any university web page or intranet site.
Commencement speeches from university presidents, deans, celebrity guest speakers, valedictorians, athletes, and scholars are all possible in the same broadcast using BlueJeans Events. As many as 100 on-camera speakers can stream live video or play pre-recorded media to honor graduates. Offer professors, friends, and family members a spirited online auditorium to recognize the academic efforts of the exiting class with high-definition video and intelligent audio by Dolby Voice.
Virtual Diplomas with Complete Control
Event moderators manage the graduation ceremony from a centralized dashboard to control all aspects of the broadcast and individual presenters. They can easily enable cameras, mute or unmute audio, share content, and answer audience questions. This allows event orchestrators to maintain an extra level of command over the live stream while giving commencement speakers a chance to address students, faculty, and families.
For an even more engaging idea, students can use the raise hand feature and instantly get promoted by moderators to appear on camera. This gives each member of the graduating class a moment of recognition to accept virtual diplomas in front of the entire audience.
Try BlueJeans Events for free and host the best online graduation for 2020! We’ve partnered with institutions around the world to deliver best-in-class remote learning and streaming solutions. Join us today and let BlueJeans connect your students and educators with friends and relatives through immersive video technology.