Dizzie Ramsey lives and breathes entertainment. He spent over 20 years as a DJ, MC, dancer, hype man, and live performer for big names in the entertainment industry, from Sesame Street and Radio Disney to Phoenix Suns and the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters. He has performed across all 50 US states and 28 countries, entertaining for thousands of brands.

“You name it, I’ve probably worked there,” he says with a chuckle.

So when Ramsey decided to strike out on his own, he brought along a passion to deliver just positive energy and family entertainment to everyone, no matter how big or small the audience. His business, Just ENERGY Entertainment, offers full-service production and family-friendly entertainment for both corporate and residential events in Phoenix and around Arizona. Its shows include DJs, MCs, dancers, lights, family fun games and contests, as well as live performances by its team of young entertainers called the JEESQUAD.

“We do everything from children’s parties to large corporate fundraisers and runway shows,” says Ramsey. “Corporate event organizers would come up to us and ask if we could do more than just provide a DJ. Not a lot of people can say, ‘Hey, our shows include full production with interactive DJs and MCs, dancers, and live entertainment. And our games and contests are always family friendly! We bring all the energy!’”

After spending several years as a one-man show, Ramsey has grown the company with the help of his business partner and mom, Alexis Starks. The JEESQUAD now performs alongside him and Starks. But having a crew means he needs to train and prepare them each time because every event is different.

“Renting studios for our rehearsals is expensive both for me and my performers. So, when I came across BlueJeans Meetings, I thought it could save us money to meet on the platform instead for rehearsals, as well as dance choreography, operations meetings, and even emceeing lessons.”

Turning to Virtual Rehearsals

Ramsey moved weekly preparation sessions to the BlueJeans platform, where his cast and crew now brainstorm, plan, and do table reads. They’ve even started choreographing some of their dance routines on BlueJeans Meetings.

Ramsey likes how easy it is to join a session without downloading any app or providing a lot of details. 

“It’s been great so far. I’m not a tech-savvy person at all, but I learned to set up meetings on BlueJeans pretty quickly. I especially love being able to share my screen with everybody because it makes sure we’re on the same page, figuratively.”

The company has become more productive and efficient as it moves more event preparations online, saving everyone time. For the crew members, the option to participate virtually removes worries about transportation costs.

“It saves the JEESQUAD transportation money, especially now that the price of gas is so high,” says Ramsey. “When they miss a class, they can easily have one-on-ones with the choreographer.”

BlueJeans’ breakout rooms have been especially useful for these one-on-ones. Members can join a session and get the same seamless audio and video experience.

Using BlueJeans Meetings for rehearsals is even more important as Ramsey’s crew is growing, including performers at half-time shows. He currently has 15 members and plans to hire more shortly.

“And we’re looking to use BlueJeans to have our first round of interviews!”

Bringing Energy to Every Show

More importantly for Ramsey, the ability to hold meetings, brainstorm, and read scripts so easily and conveniently helps ensure everyone brings their A-game to every production and event. 

“We’ve run in-game operations and produced the interactive half-time shows for the football teams Arizona Rattlers and the Tucson Sugar Skulls. And I’m proud to say that it’s partly thanks to our ability to prepare using BlueJeans.”

Because he works with young people, Ramsey is always keen to nurture their talent in performing and entertaining. He has started using BlueJeans Meetings to develop their emceeing skills and prepare them for pageants. These lessons are helping them get to where they want to be.

“I feel more empowered as a business owner and especially as a leader,” he says. “And I know that BlueJeans has also empowered the JEESQUAD to be the best they can be in providing just energy and entertainment.”

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