Jouve is a family owned French company specializing in helping clients manage and transform their data and enable their clients’ digital transformation projects. With roots in the printing business, Jouve has helped clients in industries like banking, the public sector, manufacturing and patent offices for decades. Jouve’s success in retaining their impressive array of clients comes from a customer-centric approach that focuses on innovation and compliance.

Sébastien Drouin, the current CIO and CTO of Jouve, joined the company in late 2018. He was tasked by Thibault Lanxade, President of Jouve, to modernize the entire company within a very short time frame. This project would include assessing Jouve’s product offerings to be better aligned with the market, while also managing client expectations in a digitized, data-rich world. This had to be done in parallel to transforming and simplifying dated collaboration and video conferencing practices that Jouve used internally.

Jouve is known for bringing new technology into the forefront for their clients, so innovation is in Jouve’s backbone. Sébastien himself has been in the forefront of driving transformation projects for other companies around the world. After looking at different options, Sébastien and his team decided to partner with Microsoft for their collaboration needs. Microsoft Teams was the right solution to provide a one-stop collaboration platform that would bring together Jouve’s disparate teams operating in different offices around the world and streamline their communication practices.

In order to ensure successful rollout of Microsoft Teams, Sébastien and his team conducted comprehensive trainings and created a Teams adoption plan to make sure Teams was being used regularly by all employees with minimal hassle. Within a short time, Sébastien and his team noticed a significant improvement in how well teams and individuals were collaborating.

For the next step in the project, the IT Team realized they would need to equip their room systems with Teams. This would ensure that employees could walk into any meeting room and start a Teams meeting without any support or wasting time. The IT team also wanted to find the right solution that would complement the Microsoft platform and would not require replacing their existing video conference devices.

Philippe Lucas, Unified Communication Manager at Jouve, was familiar with BlueJean’s reputation of providing a pure-SaaS Cloud Video Interop (CVI) solution for Microsoft Teams. BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams provided the simplicity and reliability that Jouve was looking for. BlueJeans Gateway’s SaaS-based architecture was simple to deploy, manage and scale — reducing complexity and enabling Jouve’s IT team to focus on other aspects of their digital transformation project.

“When you go into a conference room and it takes 15 minutes to start a meeting and you’re waiting with a client or a partner, it makes for a poor experience.” Sébastien says. “In the end, the solution needs to work properly, and it needs to be simple. That’s what BlueJeans does.”

With BlueJeans Gateway, there is no longer any need to set up conference rooms in advance for a meeting. Anyone can include the chosen conference room in the calendar invite, and simply start the meeting right on time. For Jouve, BlueJeans Gateway has created the new standard of how simple and easy a technology solution can be.

Implementing Microsoft Teams video conferencing in their conference rooms rapidly increased Microsoft Teams usage among employees. Sébastien loves BlueJeans Gateway because it merges with Teams so well. He is impressed with how easily the executives in his company are simply able to walk into a conference room and click on one button to start a meeting. “It works perfectly — and we don’t even need to talk about it. That’s when you know it’s working!” Sébastien says.

Jouve also prefers to use BlueJeans Events for large-scale townhalls that need to support all 2000 of their employees worldwide. Previously, Jouve would have board meetings where members would present quarterly data through conferencing and then board members would travel to different sites to continue the event in person. With BlueJeans Events, Jouve has been able to reduce the time and costs of travel by about 50,000 euros per year by conducting their quarterly board meetings online, while still being able to connect with each of their employees in a meaningful way. Sébastien believes that Jouve will rely on virtual townhalls and webinars with BlueJeans Events more and more in order to bring their different offices together in the future.

To learn more about how Jouve fast-tracked their digital transformation, read this case study. A French version is available here. To learn more about BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams and sign up a free trial, visit this page. For more information on BlueJeans Events, please visit this page.