A few weeks ago I joined the “Video Mile High Club." For those of you with the dirty minds, let me stop you right now... it was not what you think. I actually joined a Blue Jeans meeting from 30,000 feet above Colorado on Virgin America flight 352 en route to Boston to speak at a conference.  

In the picture you can see me comfortably in my seat awaiting my cheese and crackers. You'll notice I practiced good etiquette and had a headset on so that the team back in Mountain View wouldn’t have to hear all the airplane background noise and my fellow passengers wouldn’t have to hear all of my business affairs. What you can't see is the people next to me checking out what I'm doing without trying to be too obvious. They were in awe.  I was cool and connected!

As far as I know, I'm the first person ever to use Blue Jeans from an airplane in flight. If anyone else wants to lay claim to this honor, please let me know, but be sure to provide date and time, as well as airline and flight number.   

One of the big perks about working for Blue Jeans (besides always getting to show up at industry events in my denims), is the dramatic reduction I've seen in my business travel. But even at a video conferencing company, occasionally we still need to get out of the office. If nothing else it’s a great reminder that business travel sucks.

Of course it’s a lot easier if you stay connected.  I actually used Blue Jeans six times that day.

    1. 7:00 AM PST -- In the car on the way to the airport.  I had a regular meeting scheduled, with some colleagues in Europe. Since I was driving this morning, I took the meeting over the PSTN. I didn't have to reschedule or cancel the meeting. The other parties were on video and I was on audio.
    2. 9:00 AM PST -- At the airport. I did my next meeting using Skype on my iPad from the gate area. Found out one of the parties I was supposed to meet in Boston had an accident and wouldn’t be in the office the next day to meet with me. That let me adjust my schedule and fit in another meeting. Also made a mental note to reschedule the first meeting over video for when I returned from Boston.
    3. 11:00 AM PST -- On the plane somewhere over Colorado. Decided to join the weekly management meeting from seat 12D. Used the plane’s wi-fi, my laptop, and Blue Jeans’ new browser access option to connect. Plane’s wi-fi was a little flaky so I didn’t stay on the call too long. But it worked and it was easy, and best of all, I officially inaugurated the Blue Jeans Mile High Club. 
    4. 7:00 PM EST --  Arrived in Boston. In the Taxi. Again another meeting with my colleagues.  Since I was feeling a little travel worn,  I chose to be an audio-only participant.
    5. 8:00 PM EST  -- At my hotel- a quick video prep session with my team to review some of my remarks and slides for the next day.
    6. 10:00PM EST – (FULL DISCLOSURE-- this call was for personal use.) Like any dutiful father I had a brief good night call with my wife and kids. They love Blue Jeans, especially when I travel.
  • Not bad for a day's work.