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The meteoric rise and acceptance of virtual events as a critical component of the marketer’s toolkit will almost certainly be one of the long-lasting business adaptations that will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  At the end of the day, virtual events not only exponentially expand the potential attendee pool, but they also provide on-demand optionality for individuals who want to experience content at their own pace and at their own time.  Not to mention, the potential cost savings deliver plenty of appeal for marketers looking to achieve the highest return on investment.  But all that being said, virtual events are not all created equal.

recent IDG survey identified that 83% of survey respondents now have higher expectations of virtual events than before the pandemic.  The same research also highlights that only 42% of virtual events in the past year actually met attendee expectations, with 26% faring worse than expected.  The #1 culprit of a bad virtual event: boring content, followed closely by disorganized hosts and moderators.  So, it shouldn’t really be a surprise then that just because the experience is online, it will automatically appeal to a cross-section of virtual attendees who simultaneously have multiple screens staring back at them and vying for their attention.  Virtual Events have so much to offer from a utilitarian perspective, but by all means, it is giant mistake to shortchange the production and delivery of these events. 

It is with this backdrop, that we are excited to announce a new suite of Premium Production Services designed to up-level virtual events from boring broadcasts to amazing, interactive experiences.  Powered by The Palmer Group, a world-class consortium of award-winning producers, directors, writers, and creative crafts professionals, BlueJeans is aiming to help our customers unleash into the power of virtual events and set a new bar for audience engagement. 

Select Premium Production Services include:

  • Consulting Producers - From concept through distribution, an award-winning team of producers, directors, creative services, and production professionals are ready to help you stage best-in-class online meetings, presentations, trade events, broadcast video, and television productions.
  • Equipment Specifications & Configuration - Whether it’s a home office or in-office studio setup, experts will recommend, specify, and help configure the right audio and video equipment for your needs.
  • Pre-Production Support - Proven production designs and workflows includes templates to help you plan and script your productions.
  • Custom Production Elements - Professionals can help you enhance your "on-brand" look and feel by helping you create broadcast-quality on-screen graphics and professional production elements.
  • Media Training & Helpdesk - Access a turnkey "center of excellence" for all your media training needs:
  • Executive Training - One-on-one media training and coaching to help maximize online video presentation skills.
  • Above the Line Training - A full spectrum of training and support for writers, directors, producers, production teams, vendors, and third-party suppliers
  • Train the Trainer Sessions - Empower your team members to teach others in your organization.

As marketers look for new ways to position their organizations for market leadership and growth, virtual and hybrid events will become a keystone and hallmark of every next-generation marketing strategy.  We look forward to charting this course together with our customers and enabling them to deliver the world’s best virtual events. 

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