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Introducing the new BlueJeans App Network!

Last year, we announced we were opening up our APIs to strategic partners to build new solutions with BlueJeans’ support. Building on this, today we launched the BlueJeans App Network—a hub for BlueJeans’ certified integrations that makes it easier for CIOs and organizations to connect workflows and drive productivity in the modern workplace. 

Today’s enterprises use a variety of applications to support business growth, which requires the ability to integrate across multiple platforms and environments. BlueJeans has long been known for its platform interoperability and integrations with the tools and technology that our customers use every day. The BlueJeans App Network now makes those partner integrations easier to find and deploy through a centralized directory.

Featuring more than 25 critical business integrations across eight categories—workstream collaboration, calendaring/scheduling, business productivity, IT management/security, meeting intelligence, content collaboration, marketing, and education—the BlueJeans App Network enables easy onramps for quicker collaboration, single-window workflows for increasing productivity, and back-end platform integration for a better user experience.

In addition to featuring popular applications from Microsoft, Workplace by Facebook, Google, and Slack, the BlueJeans App Network also includes the following NEW partner applications to deliver a seamless and smart meeting experience for customers:

  • Splunk and BlueJeans ensure peak operational performance by allowing IT administrators to search, monitor and analyze machine-generated data from within the BlueJeans Command Center.
  • Trello and BlueJeans accelerate project timelines and increase productivity by connecting teams through embedded video meetings from directly inside the Trello application window.
  • Hugo and BlueJeans deliver an integrated workflow that enables collaborative notetaking alongside the BlueJeans immersive meeting experience.
  • Mira and BlueJeans work together to power an interactive digital signage experience, where live and recorded video can be embedded within any Mira-enabled screen.
  • My Ally and BlueJeans automate traditional recruiting activities through the use of a virtual personal assistant that manages interview scheduling and management.
  • Meeting Bot and BlueJeans help users find and schedule the best meeting times and available conference rooms with simple Slack commands.

Together, the BlueJeans App Network and qualified technology partners are closing the gap between business applications to drive smarter meetings, more impactful events, and streamlined IT management.

You can learn more about how the BlueJeans App Network is delivering the next innovation in collaboration here or by visiting us at Enterprise Connect (#EC19) at booth #913!