At Blue Jeans, our engineers have been hard at work adding features and functionality that make your Blue Jeans experience even better. Today, we are announcing Blue Jeans Release, Version 2.6. The two flagship features are Meeting Recording and Large-Capacity Meetings.

Meeting Recording

When you have an important meeting, the ability to record it, re-watch it after the fact, and share it with others is crucial. We recognize this and have put lots of effort into developing and testing our feature to make it truly great! In the spirit of Blue Jeans, our recording feature is fully cloud-based so that you can access your recordings from anywhere, play them within your browser, and share them through a link. Check out this video to learn how it works.

*Please note that we have two levels of recording functionality—Basic and Enhanced. Check out our feature page to learn the difference.

Large-Capacity Meetings

We now offer the ability to extend the capacity of your Blue Jeans meetings from 25 participants to 100. This is great for staff meetings, all-hands meetings, training sessions, and other situations that require a large audience. The great news is that nothing changes about your Blue Jeans experience—large meetings are just like the meetings you know and love. However, large meetings introduce a different dynamic, so we have created a few other features that help moderators to manage a larger group of participants. These include the ability to auto-mute participants when they enter the meeting, as well as silence all entry notifications.

Give these features a try and let us know what you think! To learn more about Blue Jeans Release, Version 2.6, check out our release notes and the press release

In addition, Blue Jeans revealed today national survey data demonstrating the power of video-centric meetings. According to the survey, the majority of professionals prefer all of their online or remote meetings to include face-to-face video of meeting participants. Click on the infographic below for the full list of stats.