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Tired of Being the Meeting Scribe? Meet Eva.

BlueJeans Video Meetings are Transcribed with AI Technology from Voicera

Outside of trying to coordinate the calendars of a couple dozen coworkers and partners, being the designated scribe is one of the things I dislike most about meetings. 

Being the note-taker ironically means you often miss out on a lot of discussion and context because you’re taking notes. You are responsible for the action items, the key insightful highlights that were mentioned somewhere between the introductions, and the bathroom breaks; which you don’t get to take either because you’re busy cleaning up the notes.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an automatic way to have notes, action items and key decisions from your meetings not only highlighted for you but also archived for future reference?

Meet Eva

Turns out there is. BlueJeans recently added support for Voicera, the makers of Eva—an in-meeting AI (artificial intelligence) “bot” who does just that: takes notes, creates action items, and helps identify key moments for follow up. 

Wait, what? You mean essentially anyone who uses BlueJeans for their video calls can have an assistant who is the “scribe”? Regardless of their title?

Yes, that’s exactly the case. By leveraging BlueJeans open architecture and APIs, all you need to do is invite Eva to your meeting and your AI assistant will automatically capture the key moments and actions from the meetings. 

Not only that, Eva will provide you with the ability to search for any word and view a word cloud of the meeting. No longer will you have the problem of - hmmm I’m pretty sure Bob talked about pricing in that meeting, but when was it? With Eva on the case, just type in the word “pricing” and you’ll be given all the points in the meeting it was discussed. Both in the form of the original video recording, but also transcribed!

That, is video conferencing that people love.

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