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Introducing BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service

Modern enterprises aspire to be lean, proactive and nimble to respond quickly to business needs. This mindset, while primarily intended for growth targets and business outcomes, also pertains to acquiring new technologies. There has been a marked shift toward offering new purchase models that can optimize processes for savvy IT buyers looking to procure technologies that enable their organization to be productive and achieve business goals as quickly and simply as possible.

With this in mind, BlueJeans and Dolby today announced plans to introduce a new offering that eliminates the traditional difficulties characteristic with deploying and managing conference rooms. BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service featuring Dolby Voice® Room will be an all-inclusive subscription service that combines BlueJeans Rooms licenses and Dolby Voice Room hardware with additional services to create a solution that’s significantly cost effective and easy to buy. By packaging this into one simple bundle, Dolby and BlueJeans are removing the typical headaches of purchasing hardware.

With BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service, organizations will be able to get best-in-class collaboration technology for their meeting rooms and huddle spaces without incurring large capital expenditures and going through slow approval processes. The solution will remove the complexities of managing and replacing hardware for IT and AV teams. Predictable pricing will take away the guesswork, provide flexibility and improve device lifecycle management for future expansion as the organization grows. According to Ira Weinstein of Recon Research, which recently conducted interviews with different companies regarding their perception of rooms-as-a-service, even large companies with significant deployments are intrigued by the idea. “BlueJeans and Dolby have clearly uncovered an area of unmet pent-up demand within the collaboration marketplace,” Ira said.

Furthermore, the entire process will be simplified in the sense that BlueJeans will act as the sole vendor responsible for sales, distribution and support—ensuring a unified approach from the very beginning all the way through the lifetime of the relationship. ​All of this will be included at an affordable subscription price that is hard to beat.

BlueJeans + Dolby
BlueJeans and Dolby have been working together for a long time because we fundamentally believe the need for better meeting experience with none of the unnecessary snags of a complicated room setup.

BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room is a unified, integrated solution where the hardware and software have been built from the ground up with an elevated meeting experience in mind. Dolby engineering combines the Dolby Voice Camera, with a 4k wide-angle lens, and the Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Audio® to intelligently adjust to lighting, motion, acoustics, and voices in different room types to provide an intuitive, immersive, natural experience for every meeting attendee. BlueJeans Rooms—with its simple, one-touch join capability, integration with enterprise calendaring systems, and an immersive user interface—takes the pain out of joining and having a meeting. Additionally, BlueJeans Rooms provides diagnostics and utilization data within the Command Center console for enhanced visibility and simplified management across an organization’s entire conference room estate. 

BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service with Dolby Voice Room is based on our commitment to providing exceptional solutions for the best meeting room experiences available—whether that’s as a subscription or as a traditional purchase.

Learn more about how Rooms-as-a-Service can simplify your conference room strategy here.

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