BlueJeans Developer Platform

Historically, the concept of “digital transformation” has realistically been way more incremental than transformational.  Enterprises have moved to the cloud, embraced software-as-a-service, and digitized the majority of their information assets…but these changes have taken years and honestly, many organizations are still mid-stream on this journey, with the battle scars of half-finished “transformational work” strewn across the IT roadmap of years’ past. 

Amazingly, the tech discipline of communications has potentially seen the most radical amount of transformation. Fueled by remote work-at-scale, communications had to adapt overnight to keep business afloat.  Even more extreme, was the wide scale adoption of video to power communications and collaboration during the past three years.  Simply put, video has become our de facto mode for getting in touch, both personally and professionally.  

Due to the widespread adoption and fast-cycle maturity of video conferencing, organizations are starting to consider how they can leverage this technology to bolster communications not just for internal purposes, but for how they interact with customers and partners as well.  Ultimately, the market for Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) is exploding, with the market set to grow from roughly $12.5 billion in 2022 to $45.3 billion in 2027.  While, CPaaS is constituted of a wide variety of different communications components, injecting video into applications is one of the stars, with one of the highest growth rates observed across the CPaaS the tech stack.  

Take Your Apps to the Next-Level with BlueJeans

With this landscape in mind, BlueJeans has been hard at work transforming our award-winning video conferencing service into a developer-friendly set of SDKs & APIs to power interactive video experiences for nearly any kind of application.  

Today, we are proud to officially announce the BlueJeans Developer Platform, a robust collection of developer tools that make it easy to integrate best-in-class video conferencing capabilities directly into any web or mobile application.    

Fully Customizable Video Experiences | Client SDKs

When looking to fully customize BlueJeans within your web or mobile app, BlueJeans client SDKs for WebRTC (browsers) and mobile (Android & iOS), offer many features to ensure the experience matches your expectations. With options to control for video appearance, content sharing, and chat, developers are able to easily build out their optimal video integration.

Low-Code Options as Easy as 1,2,3 | Embed SDKs

BlueJeans Web Embed SDK provides developers with a low-code solution for bringing BlueJeans Meetings and BlueJeans Events directly within any web application with minimal effort. This solution provides a quick and easy pathway for developers looking to integrate BlueJeans award-winning video experiences through simple to deploy iFrame technology.  

Key Developer Platform Features

Regardless of whether developers prefer to fully customize their experience with the Client SDKs or opt for the low-code approach with our Embed SDKs, they will have access to several key Platform features that will deliver premium video performance within their apps. 

  • Dolby Voice Audio–Crystal-clear call quality featuring spatial audio
  • HD Video & Screen-Sharing: High-performance video delivered up to 720p
  • Layout Customization: Flexible options for configuring multi-stream video 
  • Audio/Video Controls & Settings: Complete customization of available capabilities 
  • REST APIs & Webhooks–Robust package of APIs for workflow automation pre, during, and post Meeting.  

BlueJeans Developer Platform in Action

Customer Use Cases

Verizon | Retail Video Assist

Verizon wanted to launch a customer video chat option that would allow customers to enjoy a retail-like experience without having to visit a store. The Verizon team recognized that the business needed a scalable, enterprise-grade platform that would enable it to seamlessly connect online customers with a direct Verizon store representative over a secure video call, and turned to BlueJeans to help it develop a one click–call solution. Leveraging BlueJeans’ iOS and Browser Client SDKs, Verizon built the video experience directly within the sales specialist’s mobile point-of-sale solution and the customer’s browser on

WITHmyDOC | Remote Patient Monitoring Kit

Digital health provider WITHmyDOC wanted to transform the delivery of chronic care by monitoring patients’ progress and facilitating proactive intervention in real-time. The company developed a remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform and used BlueJeans Embed SDK to integrate into the solution and deliver intelligent and responsive chronic care. Now, immediate access to video conferencing is making a big difference to WITHmyDOC’s delivery of chronic care, offering a seamless way to onboard patients and provide necessary interventions in an efficient way. 

New York Islanders | Second-Screen Fan Experience

Wanting to look beyond the physical arena boundaries into how they can engage and do more for fans on a global level, the New York Islanders used BlueJeans Web Client SDKs to provide video enabled watch parties in their HOMEICE Experience platform within the UBS Arena mobile app. It allows fans to chat live with NHL alumni and insiders, score points and win prizes by participating in trivia and polls while watching the game. 

We are thrilled with the early success our customers are seeing as they roll out BlueJeans within their app ecosystem and we are excited to officially launch the Platform and provide access to all developers interested in taking their apps to the next level with premium video.  Developers interested in experimenting with our SDKs and APIs can have access to a free 3-month trial of service by contacting us here.  We can’t wait to see what you’ll build! 

Interested in our technical documentation?  Learn more here.