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Think Fast, Think Forward: Introducing the BlueJeans City Tour

Think Forward BlueJeans City Tour

Use of phrases like “future of work” and “digital transformation” has greatly increased in the last few years as leaders focus on how people can drive more value for themselves and their organizations. Here at BlueJeans, we often find our discussions on these topics focused on the underlying technology trends that are not only contributing to the pace of change we are seeing but also have the potential to redefine the very essence of how people and organizations live and work. Put another way, we focus on the “why” versus the “how”.

As we look forward into the world of work and how it will change in coming years, we are intrigued by what might be fueling these waves of technology change. A recent discussion with Brian Greene, world-renowned quantum physicist and author, together with Tamara McCleary and Greg Verdino, leading futurists and digital transformation experts, fueled a powerful ‘aha’ moment… one that we felt would be interesting and helpful to our community of partners and customers.  

The science of quantum mechanics—which describes nature at the smallest scale—has been at the center of many (if not most) digital transformation trends. The practical applications of the theory have enabled breakthroughs in how quickly and easily technology can be adopted, leveraged, and used more broadly. Shouldn’t technology and business leaders have a forum to better understand this and get ahead of future major impacts to their businesses so they can harness its potential?

A heady topic for sure.  Sounds a bit like the Quantum Realm cited in Marvel’s AntMan and the Wasp

Even so, gaining a better understanding of what will drive the next waves of technology disruption, and how to plan for and ride those waves to enable the best for your organizations and your workforce, could be game-changing. That is why it is a key reason behind our roadshow series Think Forward.  

BlueJeans has assembled some of today’s brightest minds to inspire, challenge, and enlighten as we examine how science and technology are changing the future of work. After speaking with our keynote speaker and panelists, I can guarantee you an evening of truly thought-provoking and useful discussions that will give you new ideas for how to think about your business operations, processes, and culture—and what you can do to better compete.  

BlueJeans Think Forward Panelists

We encourage you to join BlueJeans for one of our three upcoming events as we look at how to lead with one foot in the present and the other in the future.

Each event will feature a keynote by Brian Green on "Our Quantum Future," followed by an expert panel discussing how to make the digital workplace work for you. The event will wrap up with a small reception as we explore the technologies that support the theories and use cases discussed in the presentation. Please join us in one of the following cities: 

This is truly one of the most exciting events I have ever had the opportunity to work on. I can’t wait to join in the side-bar conversations that will be sparked from the panelists’ interactions. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta, Dallas, or San Francisco!

Register for the Think Forward City Tour today.