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BlueJeans for Workplace and Samsung DeX: Adapting Video Meetings to the Way You Work

At BlueJeans, we believe that making collaboration more convenient is key to helping improve daily workplace efficiencies. And when it comes to video meetings, the user experience needs to seamlessly work with your everyday routine. This is precisely why we’ve introduced support for sharing BlueJeans meetings directly to Workplace by Facebook and partnered with Samsung to develop an application for the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ that utilizes Samsung DeX to turn mobile phones into desktop computing devices.

Workplace by Facebook: Your Interactive Broadcast Platform

BlueJeans Streaming into Workplace by Facebook

Nothing is ultimately more impactful to a company’s bottom line than helping employees be more productive. Video calling is a great way to enhance enterprise communications. This is where BlueJeans for Workplace by Facebook comes in. Now, you can conduct interactive video calls and deliver presentations via BlueJeans while sharing content through Workplace for archiving, commenting, and later viewing. You can also broadcast multi-party events to your Workplace feed and make content available on-demand. 

"Streaming our all-hands meetings directly into Workplace has been great," said Karen Possemato, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Illumina. "It's easier for our employees to access content by providing a central place for them to watch meetings live and view the recordings. BlueJeans understands what is needed to support the evolving nature of our business and work processes." 

Samsung DeX: Collaboration Power in the Palm of Your Hand

BlueJeans for Samsung DeX

Samsung’s Galaxy UNPACKED 2017 was a fantastic event, during which the company unveiled a number of advances to its Galaxy Note8. The Galaxy Note8 is packed with features mobile workers will love—including an amazing experience with BlueJeans and Samsung DeX. BlueJeans was delighted to be featured on stage as an application that has been optimized for DeX as Samsung discussed the evolving capabilities of its phone-desktop hybrid, which will help workers collaborate in exciting new ways.

"BlueJeans' commitment to providing seamless video meeting experiences is the primary reason we selected the company as a development partner," said Mok Oh, Vice President of Business Development at Samsung Electronics. "Regardless of where users are or how they choose to connect, BlueJeans just works. This approach strongly aligns with Samsung's vision. We want customers to be free to use their mobile devices in ever-more productive ways. BlueJeans helps them do that." 

As always, BlueJeans users can instantly join video meetings on their mobile devices, but now when they walk into the office, they can drop their phones into a DeX station to continue the meeting from a larger monitor or with the phone acting as a desktop computer. It’s as though you are walking with a colleague and stop to sit down for a cup of coffee—but with a whole lot more power. Once you plug into DeX, you can continue your conversation, share your screen, chat, record, and more.

These latest solutions expand our ever-growing ecosystem of plug-and-play integrations with tools like Google Calendar, Facebook Live, Slack, HipChat, and Skype for Business, as well as support for WebRTC.

Connecting and collaborating more effectively means giving everyone access to easier, ultra-convenient video conferencing from familiar platforms and tools.

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