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BlueJeans Integrations - Messaging, Calendar, Productivity, and Security

Today’s fast-paced, modern workforce needs more than just good video conferencing. Mobilizing your employees to work when and where they want means giving them instant, convenient collaboration with colleagues through the applications and tools they’re using every day. Check out all the following BlueJeans integrations and set them up for your account to ensure a more enjoyable (and more secure) video calling experience for all your users. 

Messaging Integrations

Messaging Integrations

Sending instant messages to coworkers can save hours of time, especially when compared to how long it takes to have the same conversation via email. But have you ever felt like an entire conversation could be resolved with just five minutes of face-to-face interaction? Using integrations for Skype for Business, Slack, and Hipchat, you have the power to launch or join BlueJeans meetings directly from your messaging application.

With the ability to start a meeting with one simple action, video conferencing just got easier. Integrate your messaging platform(s) with your BlueJeans account to eliminate the need for extended text conversations, clear up miscommunications in minutes, and expand the power of instant messaging with instant video.

Calendar Integrations

Calendar IntegrationIn a crazy busy world, our calendars are what keep us focused. As you run from meeting to meeting, it helps to be able to manage your entire day from within your calendar application. Enter BlueJeans. When you schedule meetings with clients, partners, and colleagues, the BlueJeans integration allows you to quickly add a BlueJeans meeting to any invite, ensuring that you (and your fellow attendees) can participate in the meeting—whether in the conference room or in the car. 

Integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Google  Calendar, and Microsoft Office 365 provide easy solutions to adding a BlueJeans meeting to your calendar, no matter which system you use. Simply install the add-in or the browser extension to ensure that you can quickly add a meeting from whichever device you may be using at the time.

Productivity Integrations

Make your video meetings even more productive by using an integration that saves you time and frustration. Made specifically for remote employees, the Kaptivo integration allows you to quickly transition an analog whiteboard into a smart whiteboard to allow users in the room to share live whiteboard sketches with BlueJeans meeting participants. Not only can the live whiteboard image be shared through the video meeting, but the integration also allows users to capture an image archive of all whiteboard changes and then download a timeline of the whiteboard contents as a multi-page presentation. 

Productivity Integrations

Take that recap even further with the Panopto integration for video recording management. Using the regular BlueJeans application, users have the ability to record meetings and download them for future use. However, by integrating with Panopto, meetings can be automatically uploaded into Panopto’s platform where they can be transcribed, highlighted, and categorized for better search results. 

And using Eva, the intelligent meeting AI powered by Voicera, meetings can be more searchable and actionable. Integrate Voicera with your BlueJeans account to ask Eva to follow up on action items, take note of important decisions, and highlight key moments of a BlueJeans meeting. By using a personal meeting assistant, you can ensure that you spend your time participating in the meeting and less time taking notes.

Security Integrations

Integrations with popular messaging, calendaring, and productivity tools are important, but few things are more crucial than holding private meetings over a secure connection. BlueJeans video conferencing delivers secure meetings through standards-based encryption, ensuring the highest levels of confidentiality. 

Security Integrations

However, integrating the company BlueJeans account with single sign-on (SSO) adds another layer of security and is recommended for all enterprise users. No matter whether you use ADFS, Okta, OneLogin, Centrify or another officially supported identity provider, BlueJeans can integrate with that SAML system to ensure that your users can move between services securely and uninterrupted. 

For an added layer of protection, BlueJeans offers private peering service options to deliver video communications over QoS-enabled MPLS links. An MPLS integration with AT&T NetBond or Level 3 Cloud Connect enables you to connect to the BlueJeans cloud service over a private network and with faster speed, faster restoration, and 24/7 monitoring, MPLS networks ensure extreme reliability and security when using your video conferencing system. 

Looking Forward

BlueJeans was created to be the versatile, hard-working fabric that ties together all your video conferencing needs. By integrating with the popular tools you use to do your jobs better, we can ensure that you have the video calling experience you deserve. If you currently use these tools and they are not integrated with your BlueJeans account, contact your system administrator to implement them.

Ready to see why so many companies partner with BlueJeans to provide a superior meeting experience?  Start your 30-day free trial to see how easy it is to integrate your current tools with your BlueJeans account. 

Use an application that you would like to see integrated with BlueJeans? Leave a comment below to tell us which integrations will make your workflow easier and faster.