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Your Digital Dress Code: Slacks and BlueJeans

Slipping into a meeting should be as comfortable and easy as slipping into your favorite pair of pants. Our soft-wear (err…software) is the perfect fit for hosts and guests that have Slacked their way into a long thread and realize they really just need to talk it out. Unlike calendar integrations that often include some formality and lead time, Slacks and BlueJeans are the application outfit for any casual conference.

Curious to know how trendy BlueJeans and Slacks are together? We’ve added together all BlueJeans minutes from our customers that use Slack to start meetings. Over the past year, more than 8,178,978 BlueJeans Meeting minutes have been initiated from the Slack slash command. Now that’s some great fashion sense!

The Ad Hoc Talk
“Do you have a minute? Are you free? Can you meet? QQ for you...” We’ve heard them all, we’ve used them all. Peer-to-peer meetings happen at a moment’s notice, typically in search for fast answers. Slack chains and direct messages are often the virtual equivalent to in-person inquires that only require a quick sync. Using the BlueJeans integration, a simple command turns any Slack session into a high-def huddle. Create seamless onramps to constructive conversations without leaving your message window.   

Convo Control
As the host of a BlueJeans Meeting originating in Slack, you have the option to join as a moderator or as an average participant. Selecting “join as moderator” gives you ultimate control of attendee audio, video and layout throughout the meeting. While this may not apply to all one-off conversations with teammates, it’s a nice-to-have element if multiple people join the meeting at various times. Rather than battling interruptions as each new participant joins, simply mute all parties upon entry for a smoother experience. If the meeting is confidential and you’d like an extra layer of security during your discussion, lock the meeting after all relevant members are accounted for.

We Drink Our Own Champagne
BlueJeans uses Slack for our internal workstream collaboration. There are plenty of occasions where we use MS Outlook to schedule a meeting, however our global teams are power users when it comes to the one-off Slack slash command. It’s literally the fastest way to change out of Slacks and into your favorite BlueJeans.

Ready to make an entrance for your next collaborative occasion? Slash command + “BlueJeans” in any direct message or Slack channel and you’re instantly connected for a face-to-face exchange. Integrate your workflows with anyone on your team and elevate the conversation to a video meeting in a single click!

So, before you make another fashion faux pas, try a meeting today to see for yourself that Slacks and BlueJeans are the best digital dress code for workplace productivity.