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In Good Company…Introducing Quentin Gallivan

Quentin Gallivan, the New CEO of BlueJeans Network

BlueJeans is celebrating the start of a new quarter with some very big news for our company, customers, and partners—news that marks both the next phase of BlueJeans and ultimately the future of video meetings in the enterprise.

Quentin Gallivan, a four-time CEO with deep experience guiding numerous industry-leading enterprise platform and cloud companies, has joined BlueJeans as CEO, and Krish Ramakrishnan is formalizing the role he was born to play—Chief of Innovation and Strategy and Executive Chairman. To understand why this is a dream scenario, let us explain:

From Krish’s Perspective

From the moment I met Quentin, I knew he was the right guy to lead BlueJeans. This is not because of his personality (which is fantastic by the way). It’s because he is a rare leader who can exponentially scale companies to deliver the best results for customers, employees, partners, and investors. He simply has the Midas touch.

For example, as a founding executive at Verisign, Quentin was instrumental in growing the company from a $20M revenue cloud security company serving the mid-market to a $1.5B revenue global cloud infrastructure powerhouse providing critical security and infrastructure to the Global 2000. And he took Verisign through a very successful IPO.

Quentin also grew cloud-based security market leader Postini to support more than 35,000 customers and over 10 million users in 25 countries before its acquisition by Google. And most recently as CEO of Pentaho, Q increased revenue by over 600 percent and transformed the company from an SMB open source business intelligence (BI) platform company into the market-leading big data analytics company. This ultimately led to Pentaho’s sale to Hitachi in 2015. This is the type of growth we want and expect for BlueJeans.

With BlueJeans’ current momentum, particularly in the enterprise, Quentin is absolutely the right guy to lead BlueJeans through its own high-growth phase so that we can accelerate our mission to transform the way businesses communicate. Welcome, Super Q!

From Quentin’s Perspective

Krish, Co-Founder, and Quentin, CEO of BlueJeansI’ve never met a founder like Krish, who almost instantly made me believe video would change the world. But I am not one to follow blindly, so I did my research. In 2010, BlueJeans was the first to connect disparate video room systems in the cloud. In 2011, BlueJeans was first to connect Skype to conference rooms. The next year, BlueJeans was first to bring together desktop, mobile, and room systems in one meeting. By 2014, BlueJeans was first to offer interactive participation in large format events, and in 2016 we were first to integrate with Facebook Live. Are you sensing a pattern here? 

I truly believe BlueJeans is leading a once-in-a-generation transformation of the collaboration, meetings, and enterprise application space. Leading a company like this would have been a tremendous opportunity regardless of the team in place. But, getting to know Krish and Alagu, Robert, Frank, David, Debbie, Mark, and the Board, I find BlueJeans to be really special.

Over the months I’ve spent getting to know Krish, it’s clear that we will be great partners. A yin-and-yang of sorts. I’m a numbers and operations guy, and he gets fired up when it comes to products and innovating new markets. While he’s done a tremendous job leading this company, operations shockingly are not where his passion lies, and for BlueJeans to reach its full potential, we need him 100% devoted to strategy and innovation. 

So, I’m the lucky guy he picked to join him in taking BlueJeans to the next level. Together, we will ensure that BlueJeans consistently delivers the best experience on the market. And we will deliver many more firsts on the path to becoming one of the world’s great enterprise companies. The foundation in place puts us in rarefied air, and I look forward to celebrating many great accomplishments to come.

Read the full press release for complete details on this management team expansion.