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BlueJeans Delivers A 360 Degree Focus on Change Management

When introducing a new SaaS tool or collaboration platform, how well does your business adapt? Addressing change management is one of the biggest challenges for enterprise IT professionals. SaaS-based video conferencing is no exception, but there’s a right way to do it.

Leading service providers, like BlueJeans, are separating themselves from the pack by fostering an agile approach that empowers IT personnel to manage change across their software stack while supporting and onboarding new users.

With any large-scale SaaS deployment, there’s always some risk involved. However, BlueJeans mitigates problem areas by providing deployment planning, training programs, event assist services, customer success as well as technical account managers, and 24/7 support. This level of focus helps ensure the right resources and support are in place to successfully rollout, promote and sustain BlueJeans across your enterprise.

360 Degree Change Management
Though the decision to adopt BlueJeans typically comes from the top down, managing everything that comes with it needs to be a 360-degree effort in order to make it successful. This involves supporting the IT department with the guidance, tools and collateral necessary to rollout and manage change for their users. Sowing the seeds of success early ensures that enterprise IT leaders feel comfortable when migrating from existing tools and workflows.

Every deployment plan is unique. At BlueJeans, this involves a designated support team developing a plan and tailoring it to your business objectives. These teams are comprised of an onboarding program manager, technical consultant, learning & enablement consultant and post-deployment technical account manager. It starts with rehearsal, before, during and post-analysis, so you’re covered every step of the way.

When it comes to promoting the benefits of video conferencing throughout an organization, having the latest knowledge and experienced support at your fingertips is critical. This helps ensure “buy in” from the highest levels of management down to individuals across your enterprise. Onboarding is the most important time to make an impact because that’s when churn is typically at its highest. Demonstrating the ongoing value of BlueJeans makes it easier to convert casual users into power users.

Long Term Customer Success Partnership
Once a new deployment is complete, BlueJeans provides a customer success manager who serves as a partner to provide ongoing guidance. Dedicated customer managers establish an open communication with customers by making themselves directly responsible for the health of the account. With this level of support, adoption is a natural, internal process rather than something forced from the outside.

Having a set change management process with reliable service and support means you can replicate great results, create loyal users and make your BlueJeans conferencing platform an important and consistent part of daily work life. By helping you address the critical phases of a platform’s lifecycle, BlueJeans experts are there to ensure video conferencing happens the way you expect – and your business requires.