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Improve Employee Engagement with All-Hands Meetings

Ask any Chief People Officer, VP of People, or Director of Human Resources about the importance of employee engagement, and the answer remains the same—it is absolutely vital to the success of an organization. When employees are engaged, they are more likely to produce their best work and stay committed to the company, increasing the odds of business success and decreasing employee turnover. But how do you improve employee engagement?

Since employee engagement is about trust, integrity, and communication between the organization and its members, one of the most beneficial things an organization can do is communicate and be transparent. Holding all-hands meetings where the leadership team can celebrate successes, discuss challenges, and share progress on where the company is heading is vital to the overall success of not only the company but also the engagement and trust of the people. Getting every single employee in the same room is an excellent way to make everyone feel valued, and thus enhance employee engagement However, in this day and age, it is nearly impossible to gather all employees in the same location since there are time zone challenges for global and remote employees and commuting challenges for local employees.

Investing in Virtual All-Hands Meetings

Companies have offices located all over the world, and the number of remote workers is increasing every year. When employees are not located in the same office, it can be hard to gather everyone for an all-hands meeting. Fortunately, video conferencing makes it easy, enabling multiple offices and thousands of people to attend the same meeting, see the speaker on screen, and ask questions face-to-face. It provides the same experience as an in-person event, without requiring employees to travel to headquarters. 

Tips for Successful All-Hands Meetings

With a platform like BlueJeans Events, companies can immediately connect with offices and remote workers throughout the world, giving all employees the feeling of being there. Consider the following tips to get the most of your virtual all-hands meetings:

  1. Create All-Hands Spaces in Each Office
    While employees can all join from their individual devices, it increases the sense of camaraderie to have everyone in the same office join from a designated location. We recommend using an auditorium or something similar so employees at headquarters and other large offices can gather to watch the executive team speak—either in-person or on screen.
  2. Encourage Participation and Team Building
    All-hands meetings are an excellent time for remote workers to come into the office, especially if they live within an hour or two of an office. Encourage remote employees to join the all-hands meeting in person by providing lunch and/or raffling off prizes after the meeting. For those who cannot join from an office, consider allowing them to expense lunch on a company credit card and eat with their team over BlueJeans Meetings.
  3. Take Advantage of Platform Features
    Promote employee feedback by taking advantage of interactive features in BlueJeans Events. With audience polling, executives can easily ask employees for real-time feedback on new initiatives, and then reply to it immediately. And with hand raising, virtual employees can be “promoted” into the meeting so they can ask questions of the CEO face-to-face, making them feel just as important as the people in the office. Including virtual attendees in this way keeps them active and focused, and increases their engagement and satisfaction with the company.
Successful companies take great pride in their employee engagement and do their best to cultivate a culture that keeps people happy. All-hands meetings are one way to do this, and virtual all-hands are a great solution for companies with employees spread throughout the world.